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  1. Truly awesome to see M at work. A true testament to her devotion to detail.
  2. I’m loving this station. Went from Sorry, Holiday, Get Together, and now Bye Bye Baby
  3. Not sure if this was mentioned but I’m getting Music/American Life video vibes. Like it’s the rebirth of the shelved American Life video as a scene shows a shooting in a night club. #QueenOfControversy
  4. Which I found rather odd they didn’t have a solo interview spot for her since she’s had many in the past on Norton.
  5. Well it seems they like safe/plain people. No shade but I would invite M to the White House over Beyoncé any day. It’s a clear choice.
  6. I don’t know if anyone has said this but this song is stuck in my head! I just love the raspyness of M’s vocals on this one. She just lets it all out! Reminds me of Rihanna’s Anti Album - Love On The Brain / Higher type record. And that’s a good thing.
  7. Loves seeing this interview. M respects people who read between the lines concerning her projects. It’s not just the surface, but what the message is.
  8. ME on my first listen of this song. In the car...
  9. It neeeeeeds a video so bad. A Steven Klein Video. Or even a Jean Baptise Mondino one.
  10. That’s the limited thinking these “reviewers” have. Some of them don’t have a musicians ear. They rate lyrics like it was some book review. What they fail to do is connect the music with the words and how the melody carries the somber yet hopeful tone of this song. It’s romantic, eerie, somber, hopeful and elegant at the same time. No one can make a song like M. This is why she will always be ahead of the game creating new genres with the help of the genius that is Mirwais.
  11. Such a gorgeous track. I’m haunted by it at first listen truly an artist M is.
  12. You hit the nail on the head. None of those POP TARTS can’t even muster up a raw album like M has done countless of times. M is special cause she is an artist first and foremost and not some product of a label. I gave in and heard half the record and “KILLERS” “BATUKA” and “GOD CONTROL” have me such in awe. Not since COADF have we’ve been blessed with such rawness.
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