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  1. Yeah I think on reflection God Control would have been better as the stunning video and statement would have grabbed people's attention more than Medellin which really sort of drifts along and only reaches it's best point towards the end. Fact she opened the tour with it makes me think she would have wanted it as a first single too. To make such a strong high budget video and not release it as a single seems like there would have been change of plan. Record company would have decided to release Medellin because they thought people would pay more attention because of Maluma than and might get more radio support but didn't happen. Wish she would stop these collabs - it might have worked for 4 minutes but has not really worked again since and she is better without having featured artists on her records most of the time but have to say Swae Lee's voice on Crave does sound great with hers.
  2. Yeah exactly and would be generate a bit of interest for the Madame X full show whatever the plan is with at. It's one of her best singles from the last 3 albums and would appeal to people who say they don't like her new stuff a it has a real 90s sound to it
  3. Currently: 1: Extreme Occident 2: Ciao Bella 3: I Don't Search I Find 4: Future (especially the live mix from Madame X tour) 5: Crave Also really like - God Control, Dark Ballet, Medellin, Killers, Batuka, I Rise & Back That Up Ones I can skip - Crazy, Come Alive, Looking for Mercy, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I'm Loca
  4. I agree her best album since Confessions for me too. If this was a follow up in a way to American Life am hoping she does a follow up to Confessions next lol but who knows what she will do
  5. Keep coming back to this mix - love how it builds to how it is at the end full on classic disco sound
  6. Me too - so glad it was not Bitch I'm Madonna that made the milestone given the choice - IDSIF is a great track I agree one of her best since Confessions era
  7. Great - some really good mixes so far - dreaming of how a Deep Dish, Masters At Work, Danny Tenaglia or even a Disclosure mix could sound re-working this track. I think any of them could go 1 better than the mixes released so far, as good as they are.
  8. 1. Extreme Occident 2. I Don't Search I find 3. Medellin 4. Future 5. Crave 6. I Rise 7. Back that up to the beat 8. Ciao Bella 9. Dark Ballet 10. God Control 11. Killers who are partying 12. Funana 13. Batuka 14. Crazy 15. Come Alive 16. Bitch Im loca 17. Looking for Mercy 18. Faz Gostoso
  9. At the moment Extreme Occident I Don't Search I Find Crave Future Medellin
  10. Good mixes. Would so love it if Danny Tenaglia or Deep Dish did a remix for this - I can dream how amazing the would sound if they got to mix it
  11. I agree - really wish there have been better remixes but was the same for the last 2 albums. Wonder if moving from Warners is partly the reason they have declined in quality Tracy Young one I liked though and the Thomas Gold one is ok.
  12. 1: Extreme Occident 2: I Don't Search I Find 3: Crave 4: God Control 5: Back that up
  13. I have to agree generally about Tracy Young and Offer Nissim and can't understand either way she keeps using them when she could get so much more hot and credible DJs and producers to remix her tracks - the remixes from the last few albums have been shit almost embarrassingly so - I wonder if she has even heard alot of them as makes you wonder who approved some of them, they are that poor. The clip of the Tracy Young remix it sounds like it might be an ok 90's type remix/at least not as bad as most this decade. I miss the times when the remixes from Madonna were fantastic. I think she used to personally get more involved in the remixes and who to approach but now I can only guess she leaves it to other people to handle and it's rare now any of her mixes are any good at all. OF course every now and then an unofficial remix comes along that is miles better than any of the official ones.
  14. Crave is one that grows the more you listen to it - really love the vocals of both of them and how they sound together Why are they taking so long to release the Tracy Young remix?
  15. I think Madonna had a bigger hand in writing Madame X than RH and MDNA and it feels more her and more connection to the better songs on it.
  16. It's different times now - I agree MTV itself and their awards have not really been relevant for years now like they used to be
  17. The song does not seem to lend itself well to remixes - this is the only one I like so far. Miss Sixty Fantasy Remix Would love it if she got Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Sasha, Masters At Work, David Morales remixes. Their remixes for her in the past have been brilliant
  18. Tracy Young remix I think is the best official remix for years from Madonna - has that classic Madonna sound and feeling. True to the original and fits the song really well
  19. Disappointing remixes - Offer Nissim ones are the best of them but just ok imo. She has had some incredible remixes made of her tracks over the years hopefully will be more to come. Seems like maybe she is not interested in remixes like she used to be and personally involved in selecting the remixers and commissioning and approving them anymore?
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