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  1. 1.- God Control 2.- Faz Gostoso 3.- I Rise 4.- Extreme Occident 5.- Come Alive 6.- Looking For Mercy 7.- Crave 8.- Medellin 9.- I Don’t Search I Find 10.- Crazy 11.- Batuka 12.- Dark Ballet 13.- Future 14.- Killers Who Are Partying 15.- Funana 16.- Bitch I’m Loca 17.- Ciao Bella 18.- Back That Up to the Beat
  2. Just received a bundle but with no lithograph/manifesto. It was opened by stupid mexican customs so I don’t know whether they stole it or it was never there. I can’t contact them cause I’ve already been refunded. Anyone else received it like this? I got the bracelet on an envelope weeks ago.
  3. Was it tracked or standard like mine? I was refunded as well but it was supposedly shipped but it’s taking waaay too long and I see you’re located in Chile. I’m in Mexico which is a little closer I think but mexican post is trash
  4. I hate standard post cause in Mexico and especially in my city those packages NEVER arrive. The bracelet arrived last Friday in a small envelope but that’s all I received. Fortunately I’ve been refunded but if the orders were shipped I wonder where are they?
  5. Madonna’s US Store is trash! The only thing I’ve received is the bracelet! I ordered a bundle with the Clear Vinyl, Manifesto plus CD & Black Vinyl and a hoodie, another order with a Medellin shirt and another with the Rainbow Vinyl. They were sent on July 12, June 16 & June 17 respectively and I have received NADA! I’ve been refunded but I’m so pissed off cause I didn’t want my money I wanted the items. Their customer service sucks. They reply weeks later. I’m definitely not buying from them again. The UK store is slightly better but still not good.
  6. I have received NOTHING from all 3 of my orders on the US Madonna store. I’ll open a claim on PayPal, this is just abusive from them. They sent my clear vinyl bundle last monday and it’s not tracked. It will never arrive.
  7. I feel you. It’s very annoying. I’m NEVER using her store again. I’ll open a claim on PayPal
  8. Are we getting an official recording of this? It was a great show and I’d love to see it in HQ
  9. Is anyone still waiting for US store orders to be shipped? I am.
  10. How long is her show gonna be? Last headliner was Kylie and it was almost an hour long. It wasn’t professionally recorded but someone uploaded a high quality video of the whole show from the front row I hope someone does the same with Madonna’s show! Have a great time those who are attending.
  11. I can’t watch it. I tried with a VPN and it doesn’t work either. I hope it’ll eventually be on YouTube and I won’t get charged by Amazon US & Amazon UK after the 30 day trial.
  12. I’m a Prime member in Mexico and it’s not available. I can’t be a member on Amazon US from here. I have to use a VPN or something like that.
  13. I don’t really understand their shitty process but it’s awful. They told me it may take up to 24 work days for each order to arrive and I can’t even track them and the shipping cost was high considering I live in Mexico which isn’t that far from the US. I just hope they arrive on time cause in my city those non tracked packages never do
  14. In my case it is available but it’s not a USPS tracking number and it’s not DHL, FedEx or UPS either. They told me it isn’t tracked through email but on the orders I have that number that doesn’t work. I still have one order yet to be shipped.
  15. All of my US store orders haven’t shipped yet. It’s so annoying and upsetting. If they don’t send them next week I’ll open a case on PayPal for a refund. They won’t arrive anyway if they send them without a tracking number.
  16. The best video she’s done at least on this decade. I’m speechless and crying and not just out of excitement for how gorgeous she looks. It actually affected me and I hope it affects everyone who gets to watch this masterpiece. The queen outdone herself again. Bravo Madonna!
  17. It’s 6:31 pm in the UK and it hasn’t premiered yet
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