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  1. 1.- God Control 2.- Faz Gostoso 3.- I Rise 4.- Extreme Occident 5.- Come Alive 6.- Looking For Mercy 7.- Crave 8.- Medellin 9.- I Don’t Search I Find 10.- Crazy 11.- Batuka 12.- Dark Ballet 13.- Future 14.- Killers Who Are Partying 15.- Funana 16.- Bitch I’m Loca 17.- Ciao Bella 18.- Back That Up to the Beat
  2. Just received a bundle but with no lithograph/manifesto. It was opened by stupid mexican customs so I don’t know whether they stole it or it was never there. I can’t contact them cause I’ve already been refunded. Anyone else received it like this? I got the bracelet on an envelope weeks ago.
  3. Was it tracked or standard like mine? I was refunded as well but it was supposedly shipped but it’s taking waaay too long and I see you’re located in Chile. I’m in Mexico which is a little closer I think but mexican post is trash
  4. I hate standard post cause in Mexico and especially in my city those packages NEVER arrive. The bracelet arrived last Friday in a small envelope but that’s all I received. Fortunately I’ve been refunded but if the orders were shipped I wonder where are they?
  5. Madonna’s US Store is trash! The only thing I’ve received is the bracelet! I ordered a bundle with the Clear Vinyl, Manifesto plus CD & Black Vinyl and a hoodie, another order with a Medellin shirt and another with the Rainbow Vinyl. They were sent on July 12, June 16 & June 17 respectively and I have received NADA! I’ve been refunded but I’m so pissed off cause I didn’t want my money I wanted the items. Their customer service sucks. They reply weeks later. I’m definitely not buying from them again. The UK store is slightly better but still not good.
  6. I have received NOTHING from all 3 of my orders on the US Madonna store. I’ll open a claim on PayPal, this is just abusive from them. They sent my clear vinyl bundle last monday and it’s not tracked. It will never arrive.
  7. I feel you. It’s very annoying. I’m NEVER using her store again. I’ll open a claim on PayPal
  8. Are we getting an official recording of this? It was a great show and I’d love to see it in HQ
  9. Is anyone still waiting for US store orders to be shipped? I am.
  10. How long is her show gonna be? Last headliner was Kylie and it was almost an hour long. It wasn’t professionally recorded but someone uploaded a high quality video of the whole show from the front row I hope someone does the same with Madonna’s show! Have a great time those who are attending.
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