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  1. Ordered my Madame x t shirt what feels like months ago and it JUST shipped yesterday. The customer service is really really terrible. Over two weeks late to even ship.
  2. Really great. Most excited for the possible Come Alive video, if it exists. Based on the documentary, this is the look from that video which she posted back around her birthday.
  3. What I love most about watching M interviews is that they’re like no other. She’s completely authentic, whether that be snarky or sarcastic. It’s so refreshing compared to all these celebs with fake personalities.
  4. The only songs that haven’t stuck with me are Crazy and Come Alive. I hope they’re growers.
  5. I would’ve traded crazy or come alive for ciao Bella.
  6. In no order: Faz Gostoso (the BOP of the album) Crave I don’t search I find Killers Who are partying Dark Ballet
  7. The fact that American Life has a 60 is a pretty good representation of how accurate these reviews/critics are.. just sayin
  8. The children’s choir is the highlight for me. It’s so beautiful it makes me want to cry
  9. Killers is mysterious, haunting and beautiful. A stand out, in my eyes.
  10. How do suppliers get physical copies a week or more early? Could they not plan to ship them a bit sooner to the release date?
  11. I admire you. I’ve only been able to avoid leaks (mostly because I’m not willing to spend the time to look for them). I can’t imagine going into June 14th not having heard anything. Kudos to you. It’ll be worth it.
  12. So so so excited. Coming from him, that’s a big deal.
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