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  1. yeah i expect a proper bridge to have a key change or at least be different melodically from the verses and choruses. i do think the "second chorus" could be viewed as a bridge, enough though it's repeated, which is something she's done before ("express yourself" comes to mind). i would consider the spoken part in "i don't search i find" to be the bridge. like "medellin," that part in "i rise" is really a third verse. a proper bridge is one of the things that is noticeably missing from that song.
  2. super bowl? obviously a different audience but similar set length.
  3. she's still going to be #1 (supposedly). so my guess is that m's fanbase are very dedicated and bought the album on day one. it's now been out for several days. add to that, the digital album has been available for $5 on amazon (where it's #1 and #2 on the pop list). madonna's fans are also more likely to buy physical copies. digital sales are practically nothing these days. so itunes is just one small part of the picture.
  4. seems fitting but i think that approach might be hurting the view counts on the first three videos? the music needs to start right away.
  5. not crazy about this one. it's very 2016.
  6. jose is featured in the current season of pose (which is very much about "vogue"), so that would be really cool if she brought a few of them out for that song.
  7. i like the offer nissim remixes and the la95 dancefloor legend mixes.
  8. oops. sorry thought green was 70 or higher. either way, only one album is considered "mixed" and her average score is still 71. i think kurt420 was looking at her film score, which is a 42!
  9. her average music score is 71. all of her albums are 70 or higher (which is considered positive) except american life (60, which is "mixed"). that's not bad given how many critics hate her. and it's especially good considering it doesn't include any 80s or 90s albums.
  10. exactly. as soon as i saw the teaser i thought "oh cool she'll probably release it next week, right in time for pride." that's extremely fast. why would she not try to drum up anticipation? we know she likes to tease things. i'm sure there will be a teaser to announce a premiere date/time soon.
  11. the crave remix has a disco vibe to it. maybe she'll perform that version.
  12. they are notorious for being harsh. however, their disdain for madonna is in a category of its own. the fact that stephen thomas erlewine (who's not m's biggest fan but has been very fair to her over the years) writes for them too but this review was given to rich tells you all you need to know.
  13. i'm loath to defend him, especially because the substance of that sentence is inane, but it's a play on "haters gonna hate." at least he didn't write "madonna's always gon' madonna."
  14. deep breath. let's she what she does before going off the deep end.
  15. i'm all for madonna doing whatever the fuck she wants. that's why we love madame x. pride is both a celebration and a political event, so i support her doing both, but these song choices are baffling if true. this isn't a madonna concert. she's a guest at this event. and half the people in the crowd won't even be fans.
  16. this would be my setlist but i can see why she might steer clear of god control. let the video do its thing and focus on celebration for pride. i'm fine with "i rise" for that reason. splits the difference.
  17. i just popped into this thread. i must have missed that.
  18. why would she do that? as some sort of redemption? she needs to move on. vogue, i don't search i find, hung up, and i rise. the end. the gays are happy and you'll sell some more concert tickets.
  19. i personally don't have any preference for "disco bangers," so you shouldn't really dismiss it as a theory concocted by a certain segment of fans. i could just as easily say that some fans seem to find comfort i thinking madonna doesn't have second thoughts or change her mind based on feedback she gets from her team. i think there's enough evidence to suggest that the plan was at least fluid. and if things did change, there's nothing wrong with that. it's all just speculation, right?
  20. i agree. attacking rich will only allow him to claim to be a victim of madonna's horrible fans. but even respectful messages to pitchfork will do absolutely nothing. share your anger on here but emails and tweets will go unread or ignored. i know it's tempting, but it won't have any impact on their editorial process. your energy is better spent retweeting positive reviews or posting your own on social media.
  21. how many people are really buying multiple copies? a few hundred? the ticket redemption is another story, but even then these are fans who are paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars on concert tickets. surely they'd happily drop $10 on a CD.
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