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  1. did they find the one pulse survivor who's an NRA member? lol
  2. i think maybe the video isn't appropriate but the song itself would be fine. pride started with a riot after all. it's a celebration but also a political event. i think it would work just as well as "future" and "american life" (if that rumor is true).
  3. and cardi b released a video today where she shoots up a bunch of people. as my ex used to say about everything, it's never going to be a good time so just do it.
  4. Medellin/Living For Love Dark Ballet/Devil Pray God Control/Ghosttown Future/Unapologetic Bitch Batuka/Illuminati Killers Who Are Partying/Bitch I'm Madonna Crave/Hold Tight Crazy/Joan Of Arc Come Alive/Iconic Extreme Occident/Heartbreak City Faz Gostoso/Body Shop Bitch I'm Loca/Holy Water I Don't Search I Find/Inside Out Looking For Mercy/Wash All Over Me I Rise/Best Night Funana/Veni Vidi Vici Back That Up To The Beat/S.E.X Ciao Bella/Messiah Soltera/Rebel Heart MX: 9 RH: 10 surprised by this actually because I prefer madame x overall. i think the match-ups just favored rebel heart and i was on the fence about two or three that ended up going in that direction.
  5. yeah it's very 2003. but it won't hurt so whatever.
  6. "this is america" got a lot of attention. and gun violence has been addressed in pop culture before - pearl jam's "jeremy" and aerosmith's "janie's got a gun" back in the day. obviously the issue of mass shootings is something new/different. hopefully it will spark a discussion.
  7. true. i thought about that too. but if the number is higher than bruce's then we know for sure that she still would have been #1. and if it's only slightly lower, then we can assume she might have still beat him. it's ultimately no big deal, i'm just curious what the numbers were.
  8. weird that she isn't including the premiere details.
  9. have or will the bundle numbers be released? curious if she could have hit #1 without them.
  10. probably in the afternoon tomorrow? she'll probably post the time in another teaser.
  11. it needed explaining because a video isn't going to have much of an impact at this point. m has very little streaming or radio play. the album is going to drop and fans should just enjoy the video when she decides to release it.
  12. what exactly do you think releasing the video today, as opposed to later this week or next week, is going to achieve?
  13. she only teased the video a week ago. "dark ballet" video dropped like two week ago. the album came out 10 days ago. pride is in one week.
  14. i don't think it's always been that way, at least in my generation (i'm 39). all of my friends listened to music from decades past when i was growing up. we knew the artists who paved the way for our faves. and we didn't have youtube and spotify at our disposal. we went out and bought CDs and borrowed records. we sought out books about the artists we liked and learned about what they did and why they were important. maybe my friends and i were just in the minority and didn't know it? at the very least, the gays knew who paved the way for madonna. so i don't know why it's different today.
  15. not sure if this is what you're referring to, but she said something similar to jane pratt in 1995. jane doesn't come off as homophobic though (the question is at 18:33):
  16. pretty sure she was saying that quavo's verse is her favorite, not necessarily the song. that could be true, but she was praising his adlibs here.
  17. i think it just reinforces his reputation for being "cool." i don't think it made it sound like he didn't care about meeting her.
  18. future is definitely the new candy shop.
  19. pretty sure lots of fans love "faz gostoso" on here. and are those songs "urban"? what is he even talking about? (fyi, i think "bitch i'm loca" is cute/fun but i'm not a fan of "faz gostoso" so there goes his theory.)
  20. the reason the grillz are so strange is because she used to move on to new ideas so much more quickly. remember the gold tooth? it was gone by the time "bad girl" was released.
  21. i think fans probably make up most of these streams, and i know i've been listening to the newer songs almost exclusively for the past week. also, the only exposure "crave" is getting is on AC radio, and i'm guessing those listeners definitely don't stream!
  22. i don't think it will be this week. she would have posted another teaser or announced the premiere. my guess is next week sometime.
  23. this actually sounds accurate when it comes to the general public and casual fans.
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