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  1. i don't really have any problem with non-rap edits for AC radio. these stations are often played as background music at offices, supermarkets, and the waiting room at the dentist. they'd probably edit out eminem too. and they don't play EDM or metal. "crave" is a unique situation in that it's a "rap" artist who's kind of half-singing?
  2. yes, very. it even got some unsolicited airplay. why it wasn't the second (or third) single is a mystery. maybe it had something to do with kanye or his label. wasn't madonna hashtagging #waitingforanitta? what was that about?
  3. her recollection of "vogue" doesn't match with what we've heard, does it? the story about it being a b-side never quite made sense, since artists rarely record a brand new song for that purpose, but she says it was written specifically for dick tracy, which also doesn't make sense since it's not in the film (which is set in the 30s, not the 40s/50s). she also says the rap came first, but that doesn't really match with what shep told billboard a few years ago. anyway, awesome to hear her talk about some of these songs!
  4. "crave" is considered an official single because it was serviced to radio, but "medellin" never was. on the other hand, "medellin" has official remixes, but there haven't been any for "crave" yet. i really don't see them servicing "god control" to radio, so i guess if they release remixes and it charts on the club chart we can call it an official single? it's all very confusing.
  5. the article says it was released today. that's weird. m just posted about it on her instagram.
  6. instagram and facebook are both having server issues right now so that also might be why it's not visible. i saw it in my feed but can't see it on her actual profile.
  7. the fact that m herself didn't mention it on instagram is very strange. even nuno hasn't mentioned it. maybe there's a reason? should we ask him?
  8. i finally saw this. a fan posted it on youtube yesterday and it already has 50K views. i don't know why they didn't promote this more or at least post it on her own youtube account. i agree that it could have been longer but it's a great little promotional video that would help people understand the album better - if only they could see it.
  9. exactly. i'm 20 years younger than her and go to the gym five days a week but my back hurts just from looking at that pic.
  10. i've been pretty open-minded about their whole release strategy, and honestly remixes won't do a whole lot for sales or airplay, but the rollout of remixes is so baffling to me. at this rate "god control" remixes will be out in the fall.
  11. maybe it's not what you meant, but you literally just said she doesn't invest as much energy and time in her career anymore.
  12. seriously. i'm 39 and in decent shape and she could kiss my ass. my parents are in their early 70s and they can barely walk.
  13. she's invested more time and energy into this album and its promotion than any other project in recent memory. she's clearly putting a lot into the performances as well. she's always been a multi-tasker and juggled many things. the bottom line is that this woman is 60 years old. she has less mental and physical energy than she used to -- yet she still does more on stage than artists half her age.
  14. i thought the performance was pretty good from what i've seen so far. the setlist actually worked. it's true that m's voice and energy level isn't what it used to be, but we've honestly been spoiled. it's crazy that she maintained it for as long as she did. she's sixty. and her dancing was much more on point last night than during eurovision. my only complaint is that i just don't think the autotune makes much sense live. she either needs to lip those parts or sing with her natural voice.
  15. maybe she has a bootleg of that remix that is apparently being released in 2020.
  16. i wouldn't be surprised if she ends up doing part of "i don't search i find." i don't think doing "faz" is a bad idea since people seem to love it, but it would be unfortunate if "vogue" were the only classic.
  17. killers is in my top 5. the lyrics are a little simple but the melody, vocals and production are top-notch.
  18. mariah has never been a political artist. why the constant need to compare m to other female artists, especially in this thread?
  19. so i went back and watched again and i'm still confused about the time stamps. i get that it's telling the story backwards, but the last few time stamps keep going earlier as discodonna is getting ready to go out. so it's 9:50 or something when she's putting on her makeup, but then 9:40ish when she climbs out the window. anyone make any sense of that?
  20. my interpretation is that the brunette madonna is a writer. in her british vogue photo spread/video (with the same brown wig), she talks about the writers who influenced her. so i think she's writing the story (could be fiction inspired by mass shootings or based on a true story) and we're seeing the visuals in her head like a movie. sometimes she's not happy with what's she's written so she throws out the pages and starts over. it's already up to 692K, so i think it will probably reach 1M within 24 hours. how fast did medellin reach 1M?
  21. i was a little confused by this too. it looked like it was going back in time, but some of it didn't seem to make sense since it showed people lying on the floor at all different times. i thought maybe the dark-haired madonna in nyc was writing a story and the scenes with the blond madonna in LA were depictions of those scenes.
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