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  1. will the remixes be released tonight?
  2. we haven't even gotten the "crave" mixes yet, so probably 2020?
  3. it sounds like something from the early 00s to me. i think this song is going to be really hard to remix. i don't think anyone should be remixing it except mirwais tbh. like shep and WO did in the old days.
  4. m made a reference to a possible video during the iheart interview (?) but it didn't seem like there were any specific plans. she was just speaking off the cuff like she sometimes does.
  5. they're probably waiting to release them when the song is in the top 10 of the dance chart so it goes #1, like what they did for "i rise." mystery why they haven't released tracy's remix yet though.
  6. not yet. i thought for sure it would be be out today but maybe they're going to release a whole bunch together? maybe next week?
  7. the dub is nice. it's really baffling that they didn't send out the radio edit months ago. i could see it getting some dance or hot AC play.
  8. agree. how is the live version different?
  9. radio edit, which includes the bridge:
  10. don't think my ranking has changed much, except maybe "batuka" has dropped and "crazy" as risen. 15. Faz Gostoso14. Future13. Batuka12. Medellin11. Bitch I'm Loca10. I Rise9. Come Alive8. Crave7. Dark Ballet6. Extreme Occident5. Looking for Mercy4. Killers Who Are Partying3. Crazy2. I Don't Search I Find1. God Control
  11. i don't know why they're not pushing it at AC. maybe because "crave" is still getting some play?
  12. "i rise" was remixed especially for pride, so i think that's why they decided to go with that before "crave." "dark ballet" doesn't seem very conducive to remixing tbh. ditto for "batuka."
  13. it's just an assumption since it got a proper video and is one of m's favorite songs from the album. "future" was a pre-release "promo" single so i doubt there will be official remixes for that one or "dark ballet."
  14. maybe perfect sense but i wonder if radio edits might have gotten some dance radio play if they were released earlier. i suppose it could still happen but the song has peaked on AC already.
  15. i've only seen positive things about crazy on here. it's in my top 5.
  16. same here. part of it, for me, is that it's not the kind of album you can just throw on while you're doing something like background pop music. there are a few tracks that you can do that with ("crazy," "crave," "i don't search if ind") but overall it demands that you pay attention. it's just not your average pop album.
  17. yeah i wouldn't take this article/site too seriously. "crave" mixes are probably coming soon and i wouldn't be surprised if they release "god control" mixes after that.
  18. i agree but the technology is much better now. you can change the speed without changing pitch or chopping it up the way they used to. i never heard that about NRM. they're definitely sped up and "wobbly." i know she re-recorded the vocals for DCFMA.
  19. i like how the strings are turned into a disco sound on the dj kue remix. i just wish her vocals were faster on all of these mixes. they're actually normal speed on the one slow mix (dj irene).
  20. i'm not a huge fan of tracy young but the clip of her remix sounds promising. nothing groundbreaking but at least you can actually dance to it: the real reason it's not out yet is probably because they're waiting for "i rise" to run its course. i think they should have dropped the mixes a long time ago but "medellin" was still peaking and then "i rise" was released for pride.
  21. i like midtempo remixes but did he actually slow the vocals down?
  22. i think we've become so used to it because it's used on absolutely everything these days and so we don't hear it anymore, but it's very obvious on "batuka." tbh, the only song on the album i don't hear auto-tune or other effects is "crave." even "crazy" and "extreme occident" have some kind of vocal effect.
  23. mtv and the vma's have lost all relevance. i'm not even saying that because of m's lack of nominations. they've been a joke for years and years. i mean, best k-pop? lol.
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