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  1. i think it would have been a cool idea (and made more sense with the various disguises we saw in the promo videos). i also think a surprise drop without any pre-release singles would have been a great idea for this kind of unconventional album. if she's not going to get any airplay or traction with singles, why even bother anymore?
  2. i believe this was post-liz and was done under bb gun, which is an indie PR firm they hired. they had no idea what to do with her. and lede company isn't much better. all they know how to do is one-size-fits-all strategy. they have no understanding of m's legacy or fanbase.
  3. i'd be down for some remixes but i have a feeling it might not happen. maybe due to the subject matter?
  4. will we ever get the remixes on streaming/digital?
  5. doesn't have to be all 50. even just a 15-track album sequenced like a dj set would be a great thank you to the fans. semi-related, i think a madame x remix album would be a great idea. the remixes so far have been very good so why not doing a few more and throw an album together? this is where a proper record label would be useful.
  6. oh i see. if we're going by wiki, "i rise" is considered an official single because it was sent to italian radio. "god control" (and "batuka") aren't listed as a promotional singles because they weren't released prior to the album like "i rise," "dark ballet" and "future" even though they both had videos. i guess we'll see what happens with "god control." i'm curious what remixes would be like.
  7. was "i rise" an "official single"? hard to tell the difference these days, especially with this album.
  8. i think they usually do it when it's closer to #1. hopefully next week?
  9. maybe makes sense for clubs since it's better to have a nonstop beat but still hope some more interesting ones are on the way.
  10. yeah i'm not really sure what the purpose of these remixes are. i'd just as well listen to the album mix.
  11. i'd personally love to see a video, but i don't think it will happen unless it's done on the cheap. maybe a live video? even "god control" with all the press only got a few million views.
  12. in 2002 madonna was coming off a massive renaissance. lol.
  13. translation probably isn't the right word, since mirwais supposedly wrote it in english. but let's use casey's own words then: he claims he "cleaned it up, did some editing, Americanized the language." that means the dude's a copyeditor then and i think $25k and 15% sounds fair. this didn't need to be a social media spectacle. unlike mirwais, m's team isn't ignoring him. he's clearly trying to embarrass and pressure her and no matter what you think of the situation, it's just a bad look.
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