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  1. Killers is amazing despite some lyrics (other lines are just brilliant, like the chorus "The world is wild, the path is lonely" in portuguese). Also, it has one of the richest and most original productions on the album. It's evocative and intimate, melancholic and modern; a key song to understand what Madame X project is. Looking for Mercy, on the other hand, is just a nice catchy ballad. It coud fit in any pop album.
  2. This song is so perfect and beautiful. 10/10
  3. GGod Control is an orgasm for the ears. Amazing disco madness, it’s gay Heaven, it’s EVERYTHING. Best song by far (and I love Medellin, Dark Ballet, Future and Crave).
  4. Excited to hear: 1) God Control 2) I don’t search I find 3) Batuka 4) Dark Ballet Curious about: KWAP
  5. Feels like they don’t want to praise Madonna too much because bitch, she’s Madonna, she’s too well-known and her name means popular music... but at the same time the album is really bold, creative, edgy and yes, really good.
  6. I'll buy the vinyl, for the collection, but I'll mostly listen to the album via Spotify.
  7. Somehow I feel like MDNA ends with Falling Free. That's for me the album, and the other songs are just bonus tracks, although I love Beautiful Killer and I think it's better than half of the actual album. In Rebel Heart, for me the official one is the 19 tracks record. Maybe because it includes the song Rebel Heart that names the album. The rest are just bonus, some of them pretty good, like Beautiful Scars or Addicted. For me the authentic Madame X album experience will be the 15 tracks version, becauses she's promoting the album with teases of Extreme Occident, one of the bonus tracks. It seems like an important song for the whole experience, although it's just a bonus. The three other songs are bonus. And for me the album cover is the Frida-like one, because that's the cover of the vinyl and I buy vinyl.
  8. Yes, I played Medellín followed by Future and they fit perfectly; smooth gorgeous midtempos with hot world music beats at their core. So cohesive, and I hope Batuka, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I'm Loca and maybe some more will fit too into that description of future global music album.
  9. At first, I didn't like Soltera much, but now the "anybody body body" / "and don't you forget it, ciao papi" parts are stuck in my head. I still think Medellin is way better but Soltera is growing on me. Can't wait to hear Bitch I'm Loca.
  10. Medellin 10/10 Crave 8'5/10 Future 8'5/10 Soltera 7/10 I Rise 6'5/10
  11. Yass, this tweet is gospel. I'm so sick and tired of negativity and bitter fans expecting some kind of Hung Up Reloaded over and over again. If you live in the past you miss enyoing the present Future... Mambo Huncho.
  12. I rate it good for now, but there are some excellent things in it, (the horns, the summersih feeling, Madonna's verses) so it may grow on me, specially after Eurovision and the L.A. video (?). I don't know if this is the best option for Eurovision setlist, but I'm very happy that this song is in the album. I think it will fit perfectly alongside Medellin, Batuka, Bitch I'm Loca, Faz Gostoso and all that hot global different beats.
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