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  1. Pitchfork still hasn’t reviewed Madame X yet they’ve reviewed Springsteen?
  2. http://www.idolator.com/7803119/album-review-madonna-madame-x?andro=1&ios=1&safari=1 Idolator’s Review 4.5/5 which is basically a 90
  3. If you really think about she is becoming THE biggest cult artist by not caring anymore about playing the standard pop game
  4. http://www.citypages.com/music/madonnas-weird-well-traveled-madame-x-is-her-bid-to-become-the-worlds-biggest-cult-artist/511376631 a review from my hometown of Minneapolis. They hit the nail right on the head
  5. 1.Killers Who Are Partying 2.Batuka 3.Extreme Occident 4.Faz Gostoso 5.Come Alive
  6. Yea I guess I didn’t consider that. My bad I’m sorry again.
  7. It’s not racism if it’s my own race. Sorry I was just generalizing, was reacting to narrow minded thinking
  8. All white men who feel threatened. Same old story. Fuck them
  9. I sequenced this on the album proper and replaced Loca with this after Faz Gostoso. Then followed Back That Up w/ Ciao Bella before IDSIF comes in. Flows beautifully
  10. Back That Up......that’s the Static sample she posted on her IG story back in October
  11. This this album is so much more socially aware and though provoking than anything Beyoncé has released. The younger generation of pop stars will study this album for years to come
  12. Is this the beats that Madonna posted as the “Static” sample on her IG stories back in October. Sounds almost Bollywood meets Jay-Z Big Pimpin’ beats? I’m asking because I haven’t heard Extreme Occident yet.
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