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  1. I wonder if we’ll ever get to hear any demos or outtakes from Madame X
  2. 1) Medellín 2) Future 3) God Control 4) Come Alive 5) Crave
  3. Cyndi Lauper posted a picture on Instagram congratulating Tracy Young for her Grammy nomination saying: ”Tracy’s nomination is for her remix of @madonna’s “I Rise” — a really great song with a powerful message. One of my faves off the #MadameX album.”
  4. According to Metacritic, Madame X was the 4th most discussed album of 2019. #1 Lover #2 Norman F*cking Rockwell! #3 Romance #4 Madame X #5 thank u, next #6 The Lion King: The Gift #7 Jesus Is King #8 Dedicated #9 Fear Inoculum #10 Charli #11 Fine Line #12 IGOR
  5. From what I can judge from a poor audio clip: Judge yourself, no one elseDay begins, wash away your sinsRaise your spirit, let God hear itBoy you lay down, put your head downWhen you turn it, gotta burn it (?!)When you're brilliant, gotta learn it, oh yeahLet your light shine
  6. 1) Medellín 2) God Control 3) Future 4) Come Alive 5) Crave 6) Batuka 7) I Rise 8. Ciao Bella 9) Dark Ballet 10) I Don’t Search I Find 11) Killers Who Are Partying 12) Extreme Occident 13) Funana 14) Crazy 15) Bitch I’m Loca 16) Faz Gostoso 17) Back That Up to the Beat 18) Looking For Mercy
  7. Madonna has a show in London on the night of the Grammys... I always love Madonna’s appearances at the Grammys!! Does anyone think she’ll be nominated realistically?
  8. Does anyone know the new lyrics to Future on the Madame X Tour?
  9. Is “I Rise” technically the third single from the album?
  10. I won’t lie, it took me a while to get into this song... but now I love it, classic Madonna!
  11. Madame X is down to #21 on the official top 100.... does anybody know the estimated total sales of the album in the UK?
  12. 1) Come Alive 2) God Control 3) Faz Gostoso 4) Bitch I’m Loca 5) Looking For Mercy
  13. My iTunes charts show that Bruce overtook the number one spot in the US
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