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  1. what is the genre? it comes from south africa?
  2. there are dozens of songs that come out that become "hits" but arnt chart bangers. its all in streaming now. you get public to notice on streaming, they go "ohi like." done deal
  3. you should have recieved emails for medellin, i rise, future, and dark ballet digital downloads. u get 1 more this friday to download the rest.
  4. what, they call this dancin lol. so silly.nice to hear her music though
  5. shr recorded so much for rebel. what got saved for this album? none. that why.
  6. only 1 lady said that. not entire group...
  7. i read on infinity that the bonus tracks have changed?
  8. please dont be troll i just re read vogue interview she never said god control was drag queen video and never mentioned the drag queen video at all in interview where r u getting this info or are you just making itup?
  9. do we know how much she actually shot? seems like most of it was just steven klein behind scenes from album photoshoot. then medellin video and drag queen video which we havent seen yet. that dont seem too much
  10. people need dictionary.haha you say same to cher and whitney? think not.
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