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  1. It’s a great piece of song! Ethnic, summer, Ibiza vibes. it reminds me last Diplo picture in his Instagram showing is “huge” excitement about the Spanish Nature. OMG!
  2. This song is soooo cute! I know Portuguese and the only funny thing is that people don't really talk in the same way she does in "voce nao vai me por tao louca", it should be " voce nao vai me deixar louca", but who cares.
  3. We must not forget about that. Madonna knows it since many years ago and thats why she always led the way of improving her branding and name, not just counting in selling records. She's the tour-master!
  4. We all would love more promo campaign, but I think that just after releasing "faz gostoso" she should concentrate in. tour rehearsals. This tour is going to be amazing!
  5. I am glad she's taking back the control of everything! It's a great era to live and we must enjoy it!
  6. I think I need to have a pro version to seriously opine, but I like what I see. So far the only thing I truly recognize is that she is not in best shape and maybe this, together with her age, play against her breathing and dancing coordination. On the other hand, her creativity is outstanding and I will always love her. I am getting old as well, year after year, and feel this effect in my life. Long live the queen!
  7. This is what Dark Ballet is about. Those fans are trying to burn her alive.
  8. The scenes of Faz Gostoso in the small amazon documentary are from Favelas and people dancing Samba...
  9. In the end of the day, She will do whatever she wants, as always. I just hope there will be less “yes” people around her this time. Anitta videos are according to her esthetic usually so I assume there will be some “symbiosis” here.
  10. It’s true! I forget about this video. They never ever released them! It shouldn’t be that bad though. What a pitty. Anyway, I al Justina saying that I would not be surprised to see anything related to passistas. Personally, would love a favela or suburban esthetics as the song itself claims for an outside video.
  11. I absolutely loved the video although its 8 min can be tiring to see longer than one week. It can happens the same for me than Dark Ballet. I’d prefer radio edits videos in a YouTube playlist.
  12. I understand what you say, but I am afraid that we can receive some Samba and mulatas. There is sort of samba’s drum in the middle-end of the song, so I would not be surprised. I trust her and maybe even a “gringo” dancing video would be funny. A part of that, I am not sure she will twerk the same way Anitta can...
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