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  1. The visuals are so good this time around. This might be by my favorite off Madame X so far.
  2. Love it. Sounds genuinly like a remainder of the early 90s. In a very good way
  3. Instant favorite. I need a great visual to go with this.
  4. A big surprise and a relief. A great track, opposite to expectations. Anitta... you‘re older antics are still kinda iffy. Clear out the homophobia.
  5. Excellent (much unlike Medellín, sorry)
  6. That‘s good for him and Latin America. (Are M+M an item now btw?) I‘m more looking forward to the other Madonna tracks though. The only good thing is that it seems to be somewhat of a departure from the last album‘s style/theme.
  7. That’s what I’m hoping for. The pics/style looks very promising.
  8. Not a hit. Champagne Rose style. Hoping that the other tracks are hot. Ordered the deluxe
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