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  1. This is why I have no respect for these other girls. This is why I have no time for their stupid interviews and how Madonna was and is an inspiration. This is why I could not care less about the pictures they take with her when they see her in public. This is why it drives me bonkers when M follows them on social media or gives them even a minute of her attention. They have never ever supported this woman in anything. They all tweet about gun control anytime there is a tragedy. Then Madonna does a video about it and nothing from them because they don't want any trouble. Think about it. How many of them supported that magnificent speech at the Billboard awards? They are all spineless mental robots. Unimaginative puppets. I have no patience for them.
  2. My cousin went on the last day to the pop up store to get me some stuff and he could not be bothered because he said the line was snaked round the block. The pop up store was a resounding success. I hope the codes for the merchandise bundles worked so the BB200 drop won't be too bad.
  3. It is still trending worldwide but not in the USA which is the subject country.
  4. Watched it so many times. So very proud. I hope it gets a radio edit because other than the message it is also a very good song. This is the Madonna I know and love. One who can do both.
  5. Bruce's success in the UK continues to fascinate me. I am baffled. In the UK she needs the song on the radios. If people especially the GP do not hear the songs, they will attribute Future and maybe Medellin as the sound of MadameX and maybe it is not good enough for them. GodControl. IDSIF. CiaoBella are very much UK type songs. The type of Madonna songs the UK GP like. Hope they hear about them
  6. If the BBC had cancelled on Madonna it would have been front page of the mail and other publications. Let's not kid ourselves. If they had decided that she was not enough of a draw after eurovision and told her no thank you, it would have been everywhere because that is the kind of Madonna news the media like. Pile on the shit. It is more likely that she and her people did not want the scrutiny so soon.
  7. Why does no one mention that she would have beat Bruce anyway? The ticket redemption I hear was only about 25-29k. She is beyond Bruce by about 31k. Bruce also had bundles. Whose fault is it that many did not buy his merchandise? They also need to pick a struggle. Is the tour flopping or not? One minute it is flopping. Next minute she is only number one because of bundles. Also, how anyone can say oh Madonna has only 95000 fans because she sold 95k albums is just hilarious. Do you know how many people don't buy albums? Or music at all? Do you think Ariana Grande has only 116k fans? ok Madonna has 14million followers on IG. Do you think even a quarter of them bought the album? Some of you say the strangest things and so conclusively that the mind boggles.
  8. I thought she was number one because I saw that on chart data. Do they use streaming in Canada?
  9. The idea that Madonna performing after the eurovision debacle wouldn't have brought in the viewers is ridiculous. The fans would watch hoping for redemption and the haters would watch hoping to see the aftermath of the crash and if there is more. Like Braby said, she still gave Norton a bump up in ratings. People will always want to see Madonna. She fascinates them. I am more likely to believe it was her team and Madonna herself. Which is unfortunate but understandable.
  10. And you know this how? Comments like this are too funny.
  11. She was number one in Canada. There is nothing weird about it. It has happened before. It has also happened where she is not number one in any country.
  12. I think releasing it this week will keep it in peoples minds especially with a song like God Control which by all accounts is one of the better songs on the album. Add a controversial video that will be talked about, it keeps the album in and on minds and possibly prevents a steep drop in its second week. I did not think it needed explaining.
  13. Radio2 Made it Album of the week so are they playing tracks from it this week or?
  14. That is what I am saying. I can not understand the silence after the album release. You have a video ready to go..what are you holding it for? It's not like her team is like Swift's team who have deals with networks to play her music and videos during their popular shows. Swifts single played before loveisland in the UK. ABC always gives her top billing with their popular shows. I do not get what Madonna's team is doing half the time. Their logic escapes me.
  15. If she releases God CoNtrol it will stay in the top ten but what do I know? Smdh.
  16. Deserves the spotlight. If this is not playing in all the clubs this summer then the world has gone mad. Club songs do not get any better.
  17. LOL. Forgive me. I was just irritated reading posts worrying about what the GP think about Madonna's character. 40 odd years later? The dye is cast. I am glad she can be cold one minute and warm the next but always engaging. That is how I like my superstars.
  18. She was releasing songs and/or videos weekly before the album was released. Now that it is, her team think that's no longer a good strategy? Just while the iron is hot? When they see songs unreleased getting more traction than what they put out? Is it that they can not think on their feet and must follow a set plan or?
  19. The GP can eat a bag of dicks. I am here for M in bitch mode. I just think the journalist even though he chickened out was brave enough to go there being the only one to even dare. And even when he was cut off he still stuck to a Eurovision themed question. I wish he had gone for it. She would have respected him more.
  20. Shows you why charts shouldn't be the symbol of anything. We are living in a world where ROL and IC were number two albums while MDNA and HardCandy were number ones. There are too many factors in play. These days it is worse with streaming. Billie or whatever she is called stayed in the top ten with like 4000 pure sales but streaming made it 22000 or so. Lil Nas will probably do same next week. None of it makes sense.
  21. What exactly are we waiting for? When this ADD music buying audience have moved on or? Everybody is waiting. Sometimes I think her team are clueless. Other times I think it is deliberate sabotage. Lol.
  22. Bravo to him for trying. I would imagine Madonna secretly admired his chutzpah! I wish they had let it continue. I wanted to see how he would get to his question and I wanted to see how she would handle it.
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