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  1. I think she has dementia or she was being paid or asked to do so by someone close... a grandchild, maybe
  2. Swae is a key component of this song. His voice is so sweet and melancholic and it mix sooo well with Madonna's voice. Can't understand why some people prefer the version without him. IMHO this is the best collaboration she has ever done, a million times better than the ones with Maluma but... it all comes down to personal preferences, as always.
  3. Hard Candy (that's the album which made a me a fan when i was 12, lots of emotional connection with it)- 10/10 Madame X (another masterpiece)- 9/10 MDNA (there are some songs i still listen to in it)- 6.5/10 Rebel Heart (my all time least favourite Madonna album)- 5/10
  4. This track (sonically) reminds me of the old islamic Al-Andalus and its culture. It's like mentally travelling to Seville. I went there 4 years ago and i fell in love with that city immediately
  5. Absolutely! It's among my all time faves! It's catchy, glorious, funny, uplifting, sexy...as much as thought provoking, intelligent, daring, innovative. A classic. Words can't really describe what I feel when I listen to this song. ❤
  6. 1- God Control 2- Crave 3- Future 4- Batuka 5- Faz Gostoso
  7. Faves: All tracks but Medellin, Dark Ballet, Extreme Occident and Bitch I'm Loca. I still have to listen to the 3 bonus tracks My favourite: God Control Least favourite: Medellìn
  8. I'm literally crying from joy! This album is perfect! It's a 9/10.
  9. https://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2019/05/22/madonna-interview-with-romain-burrell-for-french-magazine-tetu-translated/ Question number 15. Hope this helps
  10. The small snippet of Killers I heard on Twitter is fantastic, sounds like a snake charmer's song. It reminds me of Paradise (Not for Me).
  11. Maybe because 'Crave' was intended as a US-only release. In Italy (i'd say her most supportive market...Medellin was a top 10 airplay hit), i've never heard it once. And that got me thinking...
  12. A silly question: which version will appear on Spotify? The standard one with 13 tracks, the one with 15 or the super deluxe (18 tracks including Ciao Bella)? I wanna hear all of them
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