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  1. Marco

    2019 Grammy Awards

    👏🏼 I’d also add that Dirty Computer offered a masterful execution of a conceptual and visual album about societal issues and sexual identity. I can’t echo the same thoughts towards Lemonade, which offers a watered down approach on those topics. Then again, Beyoncé has a LONG history of exploiting social justice movements to benefit her status.
  2. Diana also headlined the greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show prior to Prince and Madonna’s performances: That helicopter exit at the end is sublime.
  3. Marco

    2019 Grammy Awards

    I love Diana. She's a true legend, more specifically a criminally underrated one who barely gets enough credit for making it big in a world that is still openly hostile to ethnic minorities. It's demeaning how she was snubbed of 12 nominations throughout her prime and has only been acknowledged with a Lifetime Achievement Award.
  4. Yep. That predator meticulously planned out every detail and knew exactly what he was doing. Hopefully he's rotting away in Hell if there is one.
  5. Marco

    2019 Grammy Awards

    The Shammy’s essentially select their nominees on the basis of chart performance nowadays. The awards are then sold to whichever corporate puppet is the highest bidder. Artistic merit has been flushed down the drain almost entirely. Part of it has to do with the dwindling quality of outputs in the music industry. Part of it is due to a once prestigious cerimony becoming a popularity contest.
  6. Marco

    ABBA thread

    I just love how the lyrics describe the end of a relationship through the usage of clever allegory. ABBA, much like Madonna, are expert crafters of break-up anthems.
  7. Couldn’t agree more. I don’t know if you watch The View, but Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain never miss an opportunity to play the “both sides are at fault” card to deflect any form of criticism aimed at Republican politicians.