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  1. Indeed. RH has some "boring" moments, so when I listen to it I often find myself skipping them (i.e. S.E.X., Iconic etc.). MX is fluider.
  2. All my (not Madonna's fans) friends really like God Control. So I think it has some potential to be THE hit.
  3. 1. God Control 2. Come Alive 3. Extreme Occident 4. Killers who are partying 5. Medellin But it's really hard to choose only 5 of them.
  4. It's ok for me, I had too many expectations for it and, maybe, I am a little disappointed by now. It will grow on me for sure.
  5. It's a frame of Dreyer's The passion of Joan of Arc
  6. You can love or hate AL, but you can't tell it's her worst album, that's unreal at all!
  7. So a special double sided poster with the Taiwanese standard edition
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