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  1. I don't like those wigs! her real hair makes her look younger, and those wigs are for grannys
  2. Will she go with a ballad (like frozen) or will she go with a dance track like music and hung up? I want her to do something dark like frozen but also u can dance
  3. If she gonna have brown or black hair it has to be her real heai! Madonna never looked good in wigs and her real dark hair is amazing. Wigs are cheap and it is for ugly or bald singers like Lady Midget
  4. I think she went on some MC programming around 2012 after the superbowl. since then she baceme a parody of herself kissing drake? fake ass? those implants. that is not madonna I started to love around 1998
  5. I agree 100% TPOG is a masterpeace, but GT was very bad, cheesy but she looked okay in that video
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