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  1. .... are still not on streaming. I wish I could have them in my Apple Music like the rest of the album! Instead I have to play the ripped files from my CD that I emailed to myself I feel like the Rebel Heart ones were available much sooner...
  2. Mine didn’t even give a discount. It just said “invalid”.
  3. I bought socks, which I had not seen in the website. Flags, cassettes, and pillows were sold out when I was there. And of course the download code I received with purchase was invalid.
  4. It’s cause the video still doesn’t play on most smart TVs. Tragic.
  5. Not in the US. As far as we know it’s not being released here. Only imported.
  6. Would love a photo book version of the album. Actual book size, with the CDs inside too. I am dreaming.
  7. Her management needs to be more in touch with this kind of stuff. I’m more concerned about the length of the set... the expectation is a mini-concert. That’s just a fact of the audience. I don’t care about previous years. They moved the location last year, and made it bigger, and Kylie set a standard of a mini-concert. The fallout will be bad. Last thing we need is another performance that does more damage than good.
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