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  1. I'm saying that it's possible that, finished the three albums contract with Live Nation, she could release an album with the best tracks from the last decade.
  2. Just some supposed insider rumour, that's why I was checking the attendibility here. The possible arguments in support are basically two, but really don't know if it has to be considered a reliable news: it's the end of the Live Nation collaboration and releasing a compilation with new tracks and a deluxe with some bonus is something they could consider to do, especially with the long pause she will take to direct the future movie. there are a few tracks from the Madame X session we heard about she never released, especially the one written with the piano palyer who performed with her at the Met Ball, reported to be the author of a track for the new album, and the one she collaborated with Nakhane to.
  3. So still no clues from the insiders about the Madame X unreleased tracks ... I'm curious to know how many songs are approximately still out there and if they're fado or afro oriented, too. I'd also like to hear some clues about possible titles. And is it true a few tracks are already in store for a future release, connected to a compilation project? Can anybody help please?
  4. Wow this is one of the most heartfelt videos of her career, in a way it reminds me of the feeling I got from the Secret video, one of my favourites. Gorgeous experience, beautiful woman who's at her artistic pic again after a 37 years long career: God bless her, God bless her!
  5. This is the first time since Ray of Light that I just cut some tracks out, this album is PERFECT. Singles choices included (except Medellin). My current playlist: Dark Ballet God Control Future Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Crave Come Alive I Don't Search I Find Faz Gostoso Extreme Occident I Rise Ciao Bella Crazy (bonus track)
  6. She could perform at the VMA in august, but in that case it will be a tour number
  7. Infinity was the first ever forum I subscribed to, it happened during the 2014 Rebel Heart leak gate and I have to say I felt home there after 5 years. Today I went to connect right back from work and could not, so I looked for the Facebook account to understand what happened and I found it also deleted. Now, reading your post, I'm finally learning what happened. Fighter tried to say that multiple times, it's sad 'cause, believe me, there were many nice people in that community and the media section we built up was really remarkable, but I understand him and respect him. I was on the forum last night, she was on stage and there was a group of guys who wnt on and on talking about her butt implants, I found it unbelievable. Anyway, yesterday she was flawless for me, absolutely flawless. What I want is good music (the main thing), creativity and boldness, energy (wich doesn't mean always jumping or making flips), vision, fashion and vocals and you know what? I feel in this era I'm really having it all. Yesterday she was politically straight and clear, visually impeccable (the dancers reverse walk flow and finale in I Rise, the staircase repositioning and the little moves with the soldiers during American Life), she took on stage excellent and complex choreos (Vogue was fun and I adored the spies legs moves during the rap part as the theatrical idea of the center stage typewriter, as I found the God Control rendition just perfect and much more energetic than what I would have thought). Vocally I heard some difficulty just in American life, nothing in comparison with the Eurovision version of Like a Prayer (even if I still think the Future part still deserves much more recognition and appreciation, it was soooo good guys), and about her look, listen, respectfully: WHO DOES REALLY GIVE SUCH A CINEMATIC FACE AND BREATHLESS CLOSE UP TODAY? WHO?! She's 61 and I honestly love to see her growing and going on in her artistic path, releasing one of her best album of her entire career, with at least three amazing videos so far. So maybe the only thing I hope her to focus on more in this moment is her vocal training: also Streisand, who still has a gorgeous and intense voice, from her 60s started to change her crystalline high notes tone, it's absolutely natural, that's why some vocal exercize could help. But what I saw last night had so much quality that I just can't wait to start hearing the first rumours about her next full show
  8. the whole thing, not pro at all, but for whoever couldn't get the live stream
  9. If so it's just half an hour away ... please someone stream or record this in any way possible!!
  10. Are we having anyone in the Prode Island to report what's going on?
  11. Have fun ... will you share some pics, vids or details after the show, please? I hope it will be broadcasted in a way but, I don't know, I think we would have heard something about it at this point, so we just can relate to the luckiest of us who's going to attend the Madame X live debut
  12. You're right, I got something different reading some post anywhere, sorry.
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