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  1. Most likely Yes. The club DJs are very fond of her.
  2. Anyone knows the figure numbers of Crave digital sales and streamings from May 17 - 23? Thanks
  3. Thats why from June 14-20, we'll have to stream Madame X a lot, everyday, many times over and over again to make it debut on Billboard 200 albums chart and become her 9th no 1 album.
  4. Medellin is at no. 16 on Billboard Dance Club chart Last week. The chart will update this week on Thursday night Medellin will definitely rise since the remixes are out.
  5. Logic 's new album debuts at no. 1 on Billboard 200 albums chart this week. It gets 80.000 equivalent album units and 73.93 million on-demand audio streams. I don't understand what on-demand audio stream is. Is it Spotify or Apple music? When Madame X comes out, how to do on-demand audio streams to it? Anyone knows? Thanks
  6. I have a question, Madame X is at no 5 on iTunes pre-order. That amount doesn't include the ticket bundle right?
  7. Madame X is at no. 5 on iTunes pre-order. That amount doesn't include the amount of ticket bundle right?
  8. I don't think there will be second leg with stadium or arena venues. With European shows which will be only 3 cities London, Paris, and Lisbon, General public (not Madonna fans), who don't live in those 3 cities, most likely are not willing to travel to those 3 cities just for attending the shows because they will have to pay for travel expense, hotel etc. I am wondering if Madame X tour will be lucrative in Europe.
  9. Im wondering about it too. With shows only in big major cities, no smaller cities, with more expensive tickets. General public (not Madonna fans) definitely are not willing to travel out of State just to attend the show.
  10. Are you serius that Amazon is like nothing? How about on iTunes pre-order? Is Madame X higher than Bruce new album?
  11. I don't understand how come Madame X only at no. 99 much lower than Bruce at no. 4 Hello, where are all Madonna fans in the US? They probably have to push back Madame X release date to June 21
  12. Madonna will be the female act with second-most no. 1 album on Billboard 200 albums chart after Barbra Streisand.
  13. don't tell me Jonas Brothers new album will also be released on June 14
  14. No way, I will be very disappointed if Madame X debuts at no.2 being blocked by Bruce new album. Rebel Heart was kept off from No.1 by Empire Soundtrack by more SEA and TEA, but Rebel Heart sold more traditional album sales. Rebel Heart should've been Madonna's 9th no.1 album and made Madonna is the female act with second-most no.1 album after Barbra Streisand. I'm really hoping Madame X will be her 9th no.1 album on Billboard 200 chart
  15. I'm still worried and annoyed that Bruce Springsteen new album will also be released on June 14. Bruce new album doesn't come out with ticket bundle as he won't be touring this year. I'm afraid Bruce new album will get more streams than Madame X, and it will have more equivalent album units than Madame X. Hopefully not.
  16. do you all think that Dark Ballet, I Rise and Future being released before Madame X drops, will hurt the album sales ? I think they are too many songs released before June 14 They should've released Medellin and Crave only before the album release.
  17. She just posted photos from Crave video on ig. That means the video with drag queen is not Crave video.
  18. Its better to release the single and video on the same day to give the full exposure.
  19. How come we haven't heard any news about Crave official video.
  20. how many digital sales did Medellin get from April 26 to May 2 ?
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