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  1. I found this on you tube He critizes, disses Madonna based on Madame X album sales, its singles' performances on Billboard Hot 100 chart and late start of Madame X tour.
  2. I'm so excited, even though the Grammy doesn't go to Madonna, the song from Madame X album wins a Grammy.
  3. True Blue and Like a Prayer shouldve been nominated for album of the year Bedtime Stories was nominated for Best pop album in 1996, wasn’t it?
  4. Shes too old to get Grammy nominations for major categories. Bruce Springsteen doesn't get any Grammy nominations either. Grammys lean toward young, mainstream acts. Its sad that back in the 80s when Madonna was young, she didn't get any major category Grammy nominations for Like a Virgin, True Blue or Like a Prayer album.
  5. I got a feeling I Rise will win, the other 4 nominees are not well known acts except Miley Cyrus.
  6. yes, Crave debuts at no. 37 on Billboard Dance Club Songs chart this week. It will hit no.1 soon https://www.billboard.com/music/madonna/chart-history/dance-club-play-songs/7
  7. Did Crave debut on Billboard Dance Club chart this week ?
  8. get ready for her 49th No.1 on Billboard Dance Club Songs chart.
  9. Of course I don't. Normally we would know it by now, but until now there's no info what # it is.
  10. Is Madame X still on Billboard 200 albums chart this week? Does it fall off Billboard 200?
  11. Confessions tour has shows in Montreal, Canada. Im talking about Canada.
  12. Madame X debuts at no. 2 on Canada album chart. https://www.billboard.com/music/Madonna/chart-history/canadian-albums I think its because Madame X tour doesn't have any shows in Canada. That makes general public didn't buy Madame X.
  13. Isn't it kinda weird that Madame X debuts at no. 1 only in USA not in Canada, Australia, and other European countries. I think the main reason is because Madame X tour doesn't have any shows in those countries.
  14. Ray of Light was held off at no 2 by Titanic soundtrack, the biggest selling album in 1998
  15. I'm mad because Immaculate Collection was held off at no 2 by one hit wonder Vanilla Ice album. He is in oblivion now but at least he was on the photos in Madonna Sex book.
  16. here the list of Madonna no.1s on all Billboard charts : Hot 100 : 12 Bubbling Under : 3 Radio Songs : 9 Hot single sales :15 Digital sales : 2 Mainstream top 40 : 1 Adult contemporary : 5 AC recurrent : 2 Rhythmic : 3 Dance Club Songs : 47 Dance Singles Sales : 33 Dance Mix/Show airplay :7 Hot 100 recurrents : 2 Latin Digital Songs : 1 Latin Rhythmic digital songs : 1 Latin Pop Digital songs : 1 Billboard 200 album : 9 Top album sales : 7 Current albums : 2 Dance electronic albums : 2 Digital albums : 4 Internet albums : 5 Tastemakers : 2 Music video sales : 10 total : 185 Madame X produces 6 no.1s if Madame X also hits no.1 on Digital Albums and Internet albums, so M will have total 187 no.1s
  17. I think they count the time when you redeem it, not the time they ship it.
  18. Because Madame X has been on ITunes for almost a week and people prefer to buy the physical copies of Madame X.
  19. Jonas Brothers fell sharply around 85% to 50-55k http://m.hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=316862
  20. Because Madame X tour doesn't have that many shows (tickets) compared to MDNA tour or RH tour that's why the album redemption ticket bundles are not so many.
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