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  1. Chart Youtube GLOBAL 20/04/2019 6.59M #USA 20/04/2019 722k #MÉXICO 20/04/2019 1.15m #BRASIL 20/04/2019 395k #ITÁLIA 20/04/2019 311k #ARGENTINA 20/04/2019 363k #UK 20/04/2019 147k #ESPANHA 20/04/2019 521k #ALEMANHA 20/04/2019 91.5K
  2. is being released in the US? the song has already fallen to 36th place in iTunes
  3. I'm afraid that the album's performance is very bad.
  4. three albums correct? this would be the last! I think Warner, Sony would be a possibility
  5. Is there a possibility Madonna will change record company?
  6. 1.25 MILLION for 2 songs. That’s a level I doubt most will ever touch
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