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  1. Hey again thanks for wanting to discuss! As for who is doing the convincing? another poster just said social media and. Internet. In addition all mainstream outlet’s: science, drs, entertainment industry etc. according to another article I posted earlier, these mainstream outlets have financial/fiscal relationships with the tra billionaires behind this movement therefore people will bend the truth or risk Loosing their livelihoods kind of like the women who speak out. There is a lot of online grooming of vulnerable people to become trans. Maybe @nefarious could enlighten us.
  2. Hey thanks for chiming in and being polite. My concern here is that this movement is homophobic and misogynistic. My concern is that trans is being used to cure homosexuality given that in tra logic sexuality is a choice. Straight men can now identify as lesbian women, gay guys identify as straight women etc. Yea kids are ridiculously smart but in no way sound enough to be making lifelong medical decisions.
  3. Thank you for this I know that there are many butch lesbians out there who feel this way. Nothing wrong with being a masculine-butch woman or fem guy.
  4. These things are legitimately happening though, that's the scary part in all of this. Wish I was making it up. Sex is a biological fact, this is not brainwashing or left/right wing.
  5. They would say those things about gay men to discredit us but never actually proven. The gay rights movement was actually very innocent in its aims. But the trans is something else: convincing gay men of a biological impossibility-they can become women, no different from my mom and yours. Convincing butch lesbians their interest in butch stuff is indicator of them really being men. So give them drugs and surgeries and make them “straight.” (Homophobia) this is what Iran does to many LGB people, btw. Changing language and pronouns. Transing children for playing with the wrong toys. Canceling people for misgendering trans people. Putting men in women’s spaces and putting straight people in lgb spaces. They gays were never this invasive. unfortunately, the gay movement lead to trans which is going towards pedophilia and other philias. I see many people are drunk off the gender identity cool aid and disagree with me. That’s ok, I was once drunk too. Lol
  6. In madonna forum? no, no, no. Kim, if you have some time, please read and watch the article and video from my previous post. It's actually pro gay.
  7. Thing is, Many straight men who transition consider themselves lesbians (think bruce jenner), these types want to stick their dicks in lesbian women, and yell transphobia when a lesbian woman denies them. We, however, know that penis in vagina is not homosexuality! There are also straight women, who for whatever reason, transition and try to get with gay men and chastise them when gay men aren't interested. Again, we know that homosexuality =/= penis in vagina! This is why Jk rowling is saying that sex is a biological fact. But apparently everything I've said is transphobic, but really the t movement is homophobic in such a sneaky way.
  8. unfortunately 100% real. Next up for the lgbtqzxyzdfgt, the push and normalization of pedophilia, fact is, its already happening.
  9. jk rowling is legit sticking up for same sex attracted people though
  10. Idk when you follow the money and see who's behind the trans movement, you start to find a lot of disturbing things. For example, an excerpt from this fascinating read: TransYouth Project says: "Right now, we are recruiting children who are gender nonconforming, tomboys, princess boys, intersex, and gender “typical” children." "An entire generation of gender non-conforming children that may have otherwise grown up gay are going to grow up to be brain damaged, weakened eunuchs with a medical malpractice lawyer on retainer." https://medium.com/@sue.donym1984/inauthentic-selves-the-modern-lgbtq-movement-is-run-by-philanthropic-astroturf-and-based-on-junk-d08eb6aa1a4b This video was another eye opener. "There are consistent findings that gender non conforming kids-boys who prefer traditionally feminine activities and girls who prefer climbing trees and playing with trucks will often go on to become generally healthy gay and lesbian people as adults and sometimes even straight." "I would think that ultimately, we'd want kids to be comfortable with themselves and their bodies and this is a better outcome than lifelong hormones with irreversible effects, irreversible surgeries, sterility and struggling to believe the impossible: that they are the opposite sex. which we can never happen." Leaving this here, not to trigger people, just trying to shed some light as to why some people aren't on board the trans train. Many gay men and lesbians are starting to call this conversion therapy 2.0. Read, do your own research, check your sources not once but twice! btw, these articles were shared to me by a trans person.
  11. This article pretty much lays out why some women are against trans women. https://medium.com/@vicstonepup/trans-women-the-trojan-horse-penis-of-mens-rights-8944feaf0201 When you go down this rabbit hole, you'll find gay and lesbian erasure, homophobia and misogyny.
  12. Tracks 1-6 have hit me like a ton of bricks, its like she was warning us. Dark Ballet just got way darker for me. The "they are so naive.." part!
  13. Yeaaaaaaahhhhh it’s coming. platinum gold inside your soul banger song with such an important message
  14. who would have thought that in 2019 M would deliver a bilingual Latino banger like this?
  15. "ven conmigo, Ill be so good for you! I took a trip that set me free, forgave my self for being me ay ay ay" classic for me
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