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  1. My bracelet is missing too if i'm honest i didn't really want it but still it's absolutely dreadful customer service from them weeks late and missing items. I hope everyone sends them and email of complaint and @'s Madonna and Guy on Instagram and twitter so they can be aware of the issues and avoid using them again
  2. Except the 12 times she has had no.1 albums in the UK? The only people who have more UK number one albums than her are Elvis at 13 and The Beatles with 15 she has plenty of time to catch up an surpass them. Source
  3. 1. I Don’t Search I Find 2. God Control 3. Dark Ballet 4. Crave 5. Medellín
  4. Definitely one of the best on the album I can't wait for the video. I do dislike the way she sings the first verse though but I understand its a creative choice so it's cool. The choir, that build, the way it becomes a disco beat banger I just adore it. I get why it wasn't the first single though it is very different and maybe a little weird to start off the campaign off with she needed some tracks that would appeal to locals.
  5. Has anyone been into HMV to preorder the special copy of the album? considering they have an exclusive edition of one a next weeks biggest releases I couldn't find any mention of it in my local store or on the HMV website.
  6. Probably just one. Also if you buy multiple copies of something in one transaction it only counts as one. All my different copies are coming from different retailers so that is 8 sales from me
  7. Not sure if this has been brought up but anyone think the fact it's fathers day in the the Sunday of release weekend may push Bruce Springsteen to number one? I can see a lot of people getting in as a gift.
  8. It wouldn't play on my smart TV for days would switch to a different video after the ad would play. Very frustrating no wonder the views are alone I only got to see the video for the first time yesterday.
  9. I wonder if she will be on with other guest or alone? Probably alone. Will they devote the whole show to her like they did when she went of Johnathan Ross (back in the day when he was back on the bbc). Last time she did Norton she was promoting W.E wasn't it just her for most of it then they brought on the actors from the film towards the end.
  10. I really like the song the video is beautifully shot, she looks absolutely stunning.
  11. I am streaming as much as I can on as many peoples account as I can. I pretty sure my boyfriends and best friends most played songs on spotify at the end of the year will all be Madonna even though they are only casual fans.
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