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  1. Right now it's: Crave IDSIF Medellin God Control I Rise Lots of other songs I enjoy, esp Crazy, Come Alive, Ciao Bella and KWAP.
  2. For right now (cuz it keeps on changing): 1) I Don't Search I Find 2) God Control 3) Crave 4) Crazy 5) Medellin
  3. This exact same thing happened to me w Crazy and Come Alive! I have loved IDSIF consistently since the first listen. At first I didn't care for God Control, but now it's one of my favs. Crave still up there. Bitch I'm Loca was initially one of my least favs, but now it's movin on up... this album has so much variety and depth!
  4. LOVE this track, esp on headphones. Does anyone know where to buy the bonus tracks online? They aren't listed on Anazon's music service, the only place I can find them are on YouTube...
  5. What time will she be going on stage? I'm in New York but don't have tickets for Pride Island. Can I see/hear the show from the shoreline? Or should I rent a kayak?
  6. I think she's saying that if you mess w these groups, I'll be one w them and you'll be messing w me. It would be one thing if she was all talk and no action. But she's actually done things to address homophobia, poverty, women's issues and HIV/AIDS and has traveled to and spoken out about peace in the Middle East. I appreciate her committment and solidarity--would you rather she not speak up at the risk of offending someone? Aside from that, this song is gorgeous.
  7. Been listening pretty much nonstop. Favs for me include **I Don't Search**, Killers, Faz Gostosa, Crave, Medellin and Ciao Bella. I'm also digging Crazy, Come Alive, Batuka, Dark Ballet and Future. I don't get the love for God Control, the disco transition is jarring, I can't get into the groove! Strange bc some folks really love it, different strokes I guess. Bitch I'm Loca is just silly, but fun. Looking for Mercy has some good parts, but it's too repetitive and dirge-like for me. The one track that I really don't care for is Extreme Occident. Overall, it's an ambitious melange of cultures & styles, glad our lady is still reaching and striving! Which songs already have videos to be released? Batuka and one other, right?
  8. I will not listen to leaks, I will not give them peaks... I will try to remain strong, I will surely carry on. I pray I can last the week!
  9. I'm thoroughly enjoying the mad craziness of DB, but what is really tripping me out is how playing the 5 songs that we have so far in their album order is changing how I perceive them... e.g., Future sounds way better after DB. The pieces of the puzzle are dropping into place. This album is shaping up to be her most artistically ambitious since ROL(!)
  10. How does the I Rise YouTube clip have more views than the Crave video?!? That's muy loca...
  11. There has seemed to be a lull in promotion after Eurovision, perhaps in reaction to all the criticism (f*ck you bishes, I'm gonna focus on tour workshops!) Up until that point the excitement was really building up pretty nicely... I suppose it makes sense to have a slight pause before the album release to maximize the impact? I still feel like we have at least two singles w videos to go, the drag queen/theater video and the beach scene video with women all in white. This is keeping me excited. I'm flummoxed that Crave isn't getting more views on YouTube (such a good jam!) although it seems to be getting some radio play in the USA, which is a minor miracle. Maybe it'll be a grower at radio? They should release some Crave remixes. I'm really curious to see if they have already released the best songs for single material, or if they are saving the real gems for later...
  12. Medellin moved up from #16 to #7 on the Billboard dance chart... will she make it to #1?
  13. She looks absolutely stunning, fav song from the album so far. I agree on the Borderline vibes. When she's on the ground for the "inside... of... me" line I totally thought she might reach for her crotch!!! I don't know why I would think that... luv this video.
  14. Yes. This. Omg are we still wringing our hands about this? Let's channel our energy towards something positive--like getting Crave on the radio and anticipating all the Mirwais tracks that are on their way and basking in the knowledge that she's still striving and creating and confounding expectations after all these years...
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