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  1. Well. This morning about 1am I was watching TV. My Alexa comes on and just plays the "wake up" part then turned itself off. Terrifying.
  2. Some of the absolute BS and trash that comes out of peoples fingers on these forums is disgusting. You are the exact opposite of what Madonna promotes.
  3. Do we have any idea how long until it's out? I'm in the UK here x
  4. It will be the premier video of her 15th studio album. Ala "radar" and we won't say anything about it.
  5. Exactly the album is released. This could boost interest. HOPEFULLY. maybe then a video with annita (foolish not to) then round it all off with batuka. We've been truly spoiled already.
  6. Some of the queens in the video where at pulse or lost friends there, or they used to perform there, I think if there was any distaste, it would have been said. The only people who will backlash are the people who always backlash .
  7. I put you on a pedestal but statues—they can fall Felt so safe, I let you drive me straight into the wall
  8. If it's gunna be a smash on YouTube they need annita. the streams arent purely for the song. It's Anitta's following. Clever move!
  9. Maybe Anitta's side will fund it. Or maybe we will be underwhelmed. WHO KNOWS this era is everything
  10. By comments and interviews I meant the media's perception. Not how I feel by the way lol
  11. Eurovision and father's day, she's probably alienated GP with comments in the press over the past few years, over exposure (we get sick of people here every s often haha) lack of radio play and not coming across well in interviews and not releasing the right tracks post Medellin. A few potential factors. And she's still number 2. Well done!
  12. I'm just playing I don't search I find. It has to peformed at pride then go into vogue. Imagine all the drunk high queens. I'm not agreeing with drugs but they would go OFF for this song
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