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  1. It's interesting how the song that get stuck in my head the most is the song that i hear the least. And I'm talking about Killers. Those damn instrumental after the first chorus lingers in my mind, like all the time
  2. At first i also didn't really like it. but once I was "in the mood", i truly captivated by the songs. I was like, damn where i have been? And suddenly, listened to those songs non stop to quote a member here about the song.... "issa bop!"
  3. Can't decide! Ugh.. every video has its own charms. Sorry I have to pass this poll It's like choosing my favorite child.
  4. I can watch it finally... I used the VPN (USA network). and wow what a breathtaking video.. It is indeed a sweet way to end the album campaign.
  5. Hard to answer cos it keeps changing.. And all tracks are impeccably good. Currently: Killers and Extreme Occident. Funny thing is I often find my 6 yo son humming "Crave" (the bridge) and both of my kids are huge fan of God Control. So those 4 are the most listened in our home right now.
  6. Yes indeed. Lucky for them who got a chance to attended it.
  7. Omg she's so humble... Thanks for sharing
  8. Oh gosh she was AMAZING. even Amazing is an understatement because she's more than that. Really exceeded my expectation... Vogue: brilliant intro with the typewriter.. The boys dancing in heels (i know it's not the first time) and in blonde wig. Nice to see her sing this song live. AL: unexpectedly good. Give this song a whole new meaning. GC: highlight of the show. Love her boots, her dance, and I love her butt. There i say it, #sorrynotsorry I rise: a perfect & powerful song to end the Show. Gotta admit, this is the best choreography of all, kudos to all her dancers and Megan Thank you Madonna!! I hope there's more performance before the tour begins. And thank you everyone for sharing the links to the video #rememberloveislove
  9. Just watched the documentary and like some of you have said, i wish it was longer. 20 minutes passed by in a blink of an eye.. As I was watching, it strucked me how lucky I am to be able to follow this amazing woman until now. M is the league of her own. She's impeccable. My favorite part is near the end when M sang Crazy with Dino. Aww... My heart melted.
  10. Not on her YouTube.. Sort comments to "newest first". I can't believe how much hate she received for such piece of art. Geez people are evil. I mean if they don't have something nice to say then say nothing at all.. *sigh
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