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  1. Well, Madonna never will be shake her ass, like in this video, right?
  2. And I think is fucking insane how people don't learn nothing with Madonna history, and repeat all of she passed in your career, with the press and the critics of everybody, with another artist. Prejudice and hateful words isn't make the collaboration with Anitta didn't happens, and don't even will make the rhythm changes too...
  3. Guys, why the big question with dancing in a energic way and shaking ass? Is something shamy? People don't be less for dancing in this way, and a artist don't is less talented too, I will like new music if is only Madge with an instrument and a micro, or if is a high energic crazy music... In this forum, anyone likes anything and thinks that everything said is negative.
  4. Calm down, I just say that I hope Madonna and Anitta have fun and dance a lot in a energic music, lol, why not shake ass?
  5. I have faith in Madonna, because BITCH SHE'S MADONNA! But RH was messy and the single choice could be better. Like, why not 4 singles?
  6. I hope Madonna and Anitta will shake her asses a lot, ageists are going crazy!!!
  7. This music are great. Paradinha was her first single in another language. Veneno is so good and the video is beautiful.
  8. Right, people are nervous about the discussion, but why this people are on a forum if want only news and discussions isn't are important to them?
  9. Yeah, I wish we got a hit like Hung Up, Madonna and her music only. People is very gross about Anitta but I think that's a great plan, is for hit on Latin America, one of the biggest markets of the past years in pop music.
  10. I'll love if she slay the charts, for shut up the mouth of who ever say that she is too old for music industry. I don't know if this is wrong, but I really will like to see she slaying.
  11. I believe too, I don't think that the music will be like the others of Anitta. Madonna and Mirwais maybe took the "Funk of rio" and made your own musicstyle.
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