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  1. She deserves awards but tbh she and Jay owe a lot of what they do to Kanye and Madge and that's the tea...
  2. 1. Medellin 2. Faz Gostoso 3. God Control 4. Bitch I'm Loca 5. I Don't Search I Find
  3. yeah I can already see the meltdowns for what I'm going to say but I can see the Metacritic score increasing between 5 to 10 points were this song not included, it's just there to show how impeccable god control Is in comparison
  4. neh, they ripped Miley's new record and Taylor's new song to shreds *on taylor's case for cringy SJW baiting admittedly, that song is atrocious* ... gaga is also read to filth on metacritic on the regular so there's no surprise there... Ariana and queen B are the true critical darlings, but not everything they release gets 5 star reviews... just *almost* everything
  5. it's basic af, i'm sorry not sorry, she got told on the article it's inappropriate and frankly classless to do such a sloppy immature comment and she doubles down on it like a child, i'm a fan but this is as simple, reductive and unnuanced as it gets... obviously the gp is going to have a field day on her comment... and they should because getting a lukewarm interview on the new york times isn't the same as getting raped, as someone called me up there it's the most simpleton thing i can imagine...
  6. i was raped man and i think the way she uses the word rape is tacky and tasteless and cringe, she should retire it because having a lukewarm interview on the new york times isn't the same as getting raped... end of
  7. She really needs to stop feeding the trolls at every turn... And she also needs to retire the word rape for real, it's soooo cringe
  8. homecoming is a flawless record / video feature, idk why everyone hates her here... tbh i hope Madame X stays between 80 to 70 or stays on 80... that'd speak volumes to her haters...
  9. yeah this, not digging the lyrics, the way it rhymes... also not digging the structure... it just feels disgruntled and random and unfinished... the video looks really good and i'm sure the song makes more sense in that setting tho
  10. it's o.k. feels like a tour demo as someone said... like the gang bang of madame x... medellin and soltera are still the best songs so far imho...
  11. Yeah i mean she should quit it with the rape comments... i just want a madonna era without a pr disaster...
  12. they're going to destroy the shit out of killers, idk why she makes those songs... people on the left and on the right are going to read the song to filth and it's going to end up catering to no one... inb4 i'm very happy about the REALLY POSITIVE reviews, this seems like another excellent record but in regards to the lyrics on killers... maximum yikes...
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