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  1. Hi! Are you still selling those 2 tickets for the Lisbon show? 🙂

  2. i don’t care for remixes at all, so it was a great surprise to see MNEK somehow involved with her again (the demo of Hold Tight with his vocals is still one of my favorites ever)
  3. In your opinion, of course. “Batuka” is my all time favorite Madonna video of her entire catalogue. Go figure...
  4. My absolute favorite video of her entire catalogue. It is about female empowerment, human resilience and unity, slavery history, not forgetting about the past, but facing it by being brave and pride. Portugal has a long history with the idea of longing for some kind of miracle and salvation coming from the sea - and it was gorgeously captured by Emmanuel. Nothing less than amazing and not “simple” at all. “Like a Prayer”-level of quality and message. PLUS: her daughters joining all these amazing women and being part of the African history they represent.
  5. I guess the song itself is not the main point of attention here - actually, when the shooter starts killing everyone the sound of the bullets is much louder than the background music which makes the video even more realistic and unconfortable to watch. maybe the sound of the typewriter is the gun that’s “in her brain”, like she said in the lyrics
  6. He didn’t even mention Faz Gostoso, which makes absolutely no sense if you’re talking about weirdness!
  7. Some people are saying that this is a demo version of Crave. What do you guys think?
  8. I can't avoid but listening "sipping my pain just like sean penn..."
  9. can you imagine the wonderful video they have in store for this? i will die
  10. Regardless of the expectations (which has nothing to do with the quality itself), it feels so good to have the chance to hear the song for the first time as a global surprise, and not having that bad feeling of listening to something just because it has leaked. I’ve always envied the fans who lived the excitement of the Like a Prayer era (the Pepsi commercial, the teasing and then BOOM). She is in control again - which is super symbolic for her at 60.
  11. With all the dedication and effort she's putting into everything we've seen so far it is quite impossible she would choose a not so good first single. she wants to conquer the world all over again!
  12. there’s excitement and anticipation everywhere, except Madonnatribe
  13. It will be great if she gives an inspiring speech (a la Billboard’s Woman of the Year) at the Glaad Awards and it goes viral all over the world
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