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  1. 1. Crave 2. I Rise 3. Faz Gostoso 4. God Control 5. Medellín
  2. Album: I Rise iTunes: #1 Greece (NE) #3 Italy (NE) #4 Philippines (NE) #4 Spain (NE) #5 Czech Republic (NE) #9 Netherlands (NE) #10 France (NE) #10 Mexico (NE) #22 Australia (NE) #26 Brunei Darussalam (NE) #29 United Kingdom (NE) #40 Canada (NE) #46 Belgium (NE) #54 United States (NE) #60 Switzerland (NE) #61 Germany (NE)
  3. Rebel Heart is an amazing album but Madame X is more experimental, I love when an artist takes risks ... just like madonna did with Madame X. Rebel heart's songs are generic to me .... in contrast with Madame X's songs which are something special...
  4. Crave is amazing !! One of her bests My friends love it too
  5. Its bad for Faz Gostoso to be compared with Bitch I'm loca....
  6. I believe she will release a video for the song when she is on tour ... for more exposure or on the Brazilian Carnaval (amazing timing, I think so) !!!!
  7. If she do not upload it on YouTube I’ll cry ...
  8. Oh I thought you were talking about Medellín remixes
  9. do we need more? we have already 7
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