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  1. Yes: god control, extreme occident, looking for mercy, killers who are partying, ciao bella, funana, bitch i'm loca, come alive, future, crave No: faz gostoso
  2. Today top 5: God Control Extreme Occitend Looking For Mercy Killers Who Are Partying Come Alive / Bitch I'm Loca
  3. Like many people has say it: this is her best since coad i can agree that.. of course i loved her rebel heart album too but this is a masterpiece!! Could and should be grammy winning album!
  4. This is so good, makes me happy and cry at the same time!
  5. My favourites are: God Control, Extreme Occident, Looking For Mercy, Ciao Bella! They give me chills..
  6. Do have here this song snipp in one her instagram stories video? When she ask do u like the music?
  7. Yep, and Blondie released one of they best album in my opinion in 2017 Pollinator and Debbie Harry was then 71 years old!
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