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  1. It's kinda bizarre that her team didn't release the God Control remixes last. Maybe the COVID-19 situation affected it? God Control would blast to #1 on the dance club play chart.
  2. I totally agree with this release schedule, I think God Control was definitely the most powerful, make-a-statement incredible jam, and should've led the releases. Crave next, Medellin at start of summer, and Faz Gostoso would've lit up the Latino charts and dance clubs. I would've released Batuka and Dark Ballet videos in the fall/early winter, and the final single would've still been "I Don't Search I Find." I think this schedule would've given Madonna 5 #1 dance club hits, maybe 6.
  3. Now that IDSIF has claimed the 50th #1 crown on the dance club play charts, does anyone know if she is releasing "God Control" as the 5th single to clubs officially? I sure as hell hope so! It would be a guaranteed 51st #1. If not, what a missed opportunity for such a phenomenal song.
  4. 1. Come Alive 2. I Don't Search I Find 3. Crave 4. God Control 5. Medellin 6. Batuka 7. Looking for Mercy 8. Extreme Occident 9. Future 10. Crazy 11. I Rise 12. Killers Who Are Partying 13. Faz Gostoso 14. Dark Ballet 15. Bitch I'm Loca
  5. After several months of listening, these are the top 5 of my favorites now on the album: 5. Medellin 4. I Don't Search I Find 3. Extreme Occident 2. Crave 1. Come Alive
  6. Will there be official remixes to God Control? I think it would most certainly hit the top spot on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart, if released. It's an incredible song!
  7. My latest top 5: 5. Come Alive 4. Crazy 3. Extreme Occident 2. I Don't Search I Find 1. God Control
  8. Ah, did it? I missed that announcement. OK, cool, no--I think I Rise definitely moves into the top slot next week then.
  9. This is amazing news! Awesome. I bet Higher Love is #1 next wk and I Rise will then go #1, the following. If it does, it will be her 48th #1 on that chart! I am confident she will get to 50, since there *should* be 2 more dance releases from this album? Maybe 3!? So many could be released...lol
  10. My latest top 5: 5. Crave 4. Crazy 3. Extreme Occident 2. Batuka 1. Come Alive And I couldn't help it, but I'll rank the rest too from the deluxe version, for me right now LOL: 6. God Control 7. I Don't Search I Find 8. Medellin 9. Looking for Mercy 10. I Rise 11. Bitch I'm Loca 12. Future 13. Faz Gostoso 14. Killers Who Are Partying 15. Dark Ballet - I actually am liking this one less and less over time. The only one on the album I feel this way about.
  11. Yeah, if Crave were released roughly 2010 or earlier, it would've been a top 5 smash on the Billboard Hot 100, possibly even #1. It's such a hit, and stands out on the album because it is a true top 10 radio-friendly song.
  12. Crave is up to #11 on the Billboard AC chart this week, for week ending Saturday, August 3rd. It rebounded from #13, after falling from #12 last week. Great news, keep it going to give her an AC top 10.
  13. It's shameful and an embarrassment to "MTV." MTV is overall a joke anyway, these days. They are pretty much telling the world, that these are awards only to be handed out to those under 30 years old. LOL It makes me think there is a financial incentive package negotiated with the radio stations that play certain artist's music (almost always under 30), and then MTV nominating those artists for the VMAs, in turn. "Top 40" radio in 2019 really targets those listeners who are 12 to 20 years old, roughly. It's absolutely laughable that such a HUGE population segment that enjoys music is snubbed. Leaving so much $$ on the table. The music industry is truly too corporate and ageism is alive and well.
  14. Dang it. I wonder if there will even be 3 official singles then off the album? Maybe Batuka or Come Alive? Hmm. Such an incredible album. Would be a shame to not shoot for another potential hit. Although at this point, pop radio won't play anyone over 35, really. LOL
  15. Hmm. My understanding was Medellin was the first official single, then Crave was the second official single. I Rise, Future and Dark Ballet were just early "album tracks" available for people to download and stream to anticipate buying the album. But with God Control, maybe it's truly just another video to accompany an album track that will never be a single. But that would be a shame, it's so good! I could see Madonna having another 2 or 3 #1 dance/club play Billboard hits from this album.
  16. Does anyone know if "God Control" is going to be released as the official 3rd single? Crave was released as the 2nd single back on May 10th. It's been almost 2 months now, and I would expect her to release the 3rd single in July. God Control is one of the best songs of her career--it should see a release.
  17. This keeps constantly changing for me, by the week. It really is such a great album--it gets better and better and the more listens allow the strong production value to be so evident. Today, on July 2nd (LOL): 5) I Don't Search I Find - Incredible song that just swings. Madonna sounds incredible and this reminds me of the Confessions-era. Love this song. 4) Killers Who Are Partying - Beautiful music. A chill, hypnotic song. Very cinema-esque, as-is most of the album. 3) Medellin - This one has grown even more on me this week. Love the remix, love the video. Incredible song and Maluma an added huge plus. 2) Come Alive - So damn catchy. Gets better each spin. 1) God Control - Just one of Madonna's all-time best songs. I hope she releases this as a single. Radio may not make it a hit, but it doesn't matter. It's a powerful, helluva masterpiece song, that will withstand time in 50 years.
  18. This anticipation is tough. I feel like this is going to be a jaw-dropping, epic, wtf-yet just incredible video....
  19. Yep, Crave is a damn good song--catchy as hell with incredible hooks. If Madonna had released this song, say, pre-2010, it would've hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US, for sure, zero doubt. But in 2019, top 40 radio is scared to play pretty much any artists songs, who are over the age of 40. Plus corporate owned stations won't add her to their pre-made approved lists of "now songs to play," because of age. It is so messed up, but she still hits the top of the many other charts, so she's all good and gets the last laugh, ultimately.
  20. On the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart this week (ending June 29, 2019), It's up a notch, climbing to #14. Has a bullet and "gains in performance" so I hope this goes top 10 on that chart.
  21. Ah, got it! OK, thanks for clarifying--I was wondering. Missed that. LOL The God Control video looks so. god damn. f*cking. epic--I can't wait. It's like Madonna is STILL unbelievably at the top of her career game, and serving up some absolutely prime, epic content to the world. I honestly think the naysayers and haters paying attention are shook.
  22. My top 5 has changed, after several more full listens: 5. Crave 4. Come Alive 3. I Don't Search I Find 2. God Control 1. Looking for Mercy *I'm sure it will continue to change. This album is DAMN GOOD. She's created one of the best of her career--I'm still shook how it gets better and better each listen.
  23. Cannot wait for this video. It is going to be epic! In consideration of the creation and storyline of Madame X--and I don't want this to come across as flippant--does anyone think that in this shooting, is where Madame X loses her eye?
  24. Exactly what I was gonna post too^ LOL It's gotta be either this week or next!??
  25. Yeah, tons of newbies within the past 5 or 6 years have had their go, but they are already starting to grow stale and fizzle out. Thing is, Madonna did it right--she reinvented herself all along the way, every 2 or 3 years, to remain "fresh" and seemingly new when she came back with a new album. Doesn't hurt that Madonna is outrageously skilled in marketing, branding, business, song production and song writing--LOL. Female acts that have came for Madonna's record and followed in her footsteps recently, are Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Arianna Grande, and of course Taylor Swift. Rihanna, Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears are those that started in the 90s and early 2000s. But none of these really will have the staying power on the charts--that Madonna does--except Rihanna. As for Rihanna and her overtaking Madonna's top 10 record, it certainly is possible, because Rihanna gets airplay on R&B/Hip Hop stations, as well as Top 40/Pop stations. Plus, Rihanna is only 31 years old, so she has another 10-20 years left of recording albums and releasing music, realistically. I *think* Rihanna has 31 top 10's on the Hot 100, currently. Madonna has 38. Rihanna will probably overtake Madge's record in the next 6 or 8 years. IF radio continues to play her. She just collaborates with huge rap stars too, and that gives her a massive advantage over every other aspiring charting female artist today.
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