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  1. Ditto. It's just awful. I pray she gets home safely.
  2. I don't know what news sources you watch, but for what I watch in the US, the coverage has been very sorrowful and compassionate for the Cathedral, the country, religion, and people in general. Already there is talk of people around the world wanting to donate and to rebuild. That's not 'shallow', that is humans caring and coming together in times of loss, crisis and not wanting to lose a world historical religious monument where millions have been able to worship and visit.
  3. I always feel the same. It's sad seeing beautiful old buildings and structures get destroyed for any reason when we have the technology today to remodel etc.
  4. Thank the powers that be. Hopefully they can save it after all in some way.
  5. Just awful and so sad. It's one if not the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. So so sad. The images make me think of 911.
  6. Just so sad. I don't know how some people live with themselves!!
  7. Omg. How anyone could be so hateful is beyond my comprehension. Jut sick and sad.
  8. Imo, none of the people running can beat Trump. For a dem to win, they have to get the independent vote as well as win over the Dems who left the party for Trump. That will only happen with a more centered candidate with an even stronger economic plan and not someone far left with a socialist agenda which many countries have gone broke from(Venezuela, France to name a few). Imo it also needs to be someone with the it factor in a different, likable, strong, phenomenon way who appeals to the masses (in every State and rurally not just populated cities) in the way Kennedy, Reagan, Obama and Trump did who swoops in and announces at the last minute.
  9. This made me cry. I wish there more angels like this in the world to help the elderly. So inspiring. Thanks so much for posting.
  10. If true, she should have insisted she pay for it if she had any class at all.
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