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  1. Ditto. Same here except IDSIF for me! Haha
  2. Welcome back and so well said on everything. Actually, I am loving everyone's thoughts in this thread. I love the passion in this fan base and even when we disagree. I look at Madame X now as one of Madonna's best kept secrets. In it's future, it's going to be much like American Life in the way that it's unappreciated. But one thing I love is that Madonna did it her way with both albums and she's doesn't "give a....".
  3. I was just thinking the same. It's so beautiful just the way it is.
  4. I agree Jazz. I don't like when it's done on the internet in any setting either as stoning and shaming can lead to suicide or pushing someone over the edge. And really....how can people do that when we're all flawed in some way? Having love and compassion for everyone is key. I hope she gets help and will be alright.
  5. So well said. There is not one person on either side of the fence who doesn't think something more needs to happen to stop this madness.
  6. I know what you mean. I think my plays have surpassed Medellin's. I love the scenery, the colors, her dancing, her hair, the Batukadeiras and just everything.
  7. I cannot get this song out of my head. I just love it. The video is perfection. Thank you thank you in more ways than one, Madonna!
  8. Well maybe I can sway your opinions with this? No jk haha
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