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  1. I agree Jazz. I don't like when it's done on the internet in any setting either as stoning and shaming can lead to suicide or pushing someone over the edge. And really....how can people do that when we're all flawed in some way? Having love and compassion for everyone is key. I hope she gets help and will be alright.
  2. This!!!! Well said on everything! Adding: I think everyone in this topic has it figured out in many ways for things that could seriously help this issue, so why can't our leaders do so?
  3. Couldn't agree more again! So very true on everything you wrote. It's a harder and colder society. Also, kids have to raise themselves. They aren't taught about what to do when the worst happens. They aren't taught what to do when they get challenged, what to do when they lose, and/or are bullied. Then there are the alcohol and drug issues in this society and how everything is laced with THC or something to get you addicted quickly. They get angry when they are doing these things. They hallucinate. They can't think right. They just know they are angry in that state and want to make someone else pay. It's endless. It's sad.
  4. I agree on everything you wrote. It's a problem caused by many issues not just one. What's sad is both parties agree on so many things that would help (from stricter gun laws and helping the mentally ill)and yet, it's all talk and mouth after every shooting and nothing gets done. Also there are existing laws now that aren't enforced. You really do have to wonder how much the NRA controls and owns everyone from both parties and the entire system. It's just sad.
  5. Ditto. It's just awful. I pray she gets home safely.
  6. I don't know what news sources you watch, but for what I watch in the US, the coverage has been very sorrowful and compassionate for the Cathedral, the country, religion, and people in general. Already there is talk of people around the world wanting to donate and to rebuild. That's not 'shallow', that is humans caring and coming together in times of loss, crisis and not wanting to lose a world historical religious monument where millions have been able to worship and visit.
  7. I always feel the same. It's sad seeing beautiful old buildings and structures get destroyed for any reason when we have the technology today to remodel etc.
  8. Thank the powers that be. Hopefully they can save it after all in some way.
  9. Just awful and so sad. It's one if not the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. So so sad. The images make me think of 911.
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