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  1. This song is definitely overrated in the fanbase. Sure it's "interesting" but it isn't catchy, once you heard it you heard it enough times. I only hope the video will have a poignant message without relying too much on long monolouges.
  2. true You just know if Katy or Taylor released this, it would be top 10 by now
  3. Batuka is nice but Back That Up is next level! I wish she performed it on tour
  4. This is fantastic. Definitely deserved to be on the standard version, like in the place of batuka.
  5. Same it's not her most ground-breaking work but so so good. I wouldn't mind 2-3 more songs like that on the record.
  6. It's okay if it's a grower. Crazy is the track with the most instant appeal.
  7. I was thinking the same thing. It's that good.
  8. It makes me uncomfortable. Scared.
  9. It's like the album tracks are so special, unique magical and so her...but she gave the most generic songs to the public, the ones which are the least special. A strange decision.
  10. Yeah looking for mercy is IT Top 3 on the album for sure
  11. Maybe because it takes a long time to pick up. But once it does it's really good
  12. It is very recognizable as the song from the trailer, it's what you would expect based on that snippet just longer It's comforting & nice but Crazy is the true gem of this album
  14. he is listening to music, not murdering people Such a simple act does not make someone a bad guy
  15. Medellin is a nice song but it certainly shouldn't have been the first taste from Madame X. She offers so much more than that on this record.
  16. We are reacting to it now. Crazy is the best song, I love it so much. Everything I ever wanted from her...she served it.
  17. I just want crazy at this point the other songs can wait
  18. I didn't listen to any of the snippets although it was because I was too busy yesterday to go looking for them but at this point I am quite sure we are going to have this within 24 hours so if wait me must, wait we will.
  19. Just listen to the 30 second preview at least it's literally so good, a taste of paradise.
  20. Preach. This is the madonna we should see more often not the one who collabs with random rappers week after week
  21. watch here https://video-ssl.itunes.apple.com/itunes-assets/Video123/v4/3f/f2/56/3ff25614-f627-d03d-e880-17786c569a73/mzvf_4694179960121917095.640x478.h264lc.U.p.m4v
  22. Why was this not the lead? So much better than Medellin and even crave
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