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  1. His golden globes look
  2. He IS boring and bland. The mystique about his sexuality is the only interesting thing about him, if you check out media reports it is almost the only reason he is ever talked about. It is problematic that he is acting in a sexually ambigious way on purpose for financial gain and stringing his fans along.
  3. Charlie Puth - Voice Notes That's about it Music has been totally trash this year May 2019 be better. M come and save us all
  4. You were right.I never knew I needed this until I listened to it
  5. I try to but this rap domination in current popular music is not helping. It is just too awful
  6. Try "Blue", it's his best song and not typical pop.
  7. That one radio station that came up with this was actually smart, received plenty of publicity for this
  8. It's true, he is not hot,,,but like, the music is good?
  9. I just noticed we have the same favorite madonna song and we both love Lana.

    How neat is that.

    1. Brooklyn Baby

      Brooklyn Baby

      both from Europe too, slay


  10. Blue is still my fave song by him. What A Heavenly Way To Die from Bloom I wonder if he will release a new project next year....bloom was so short it left me thirsty
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