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  1. So Jonas Bothers are debuting with 414k units instead of in the 300s like predicted? I haven’t tracked their activity. Is an 80% drop likely for them? That’ll keep Madame X at a safe distance from them
  2. My guess is he wants to give Old Town Road a boost next week instead of this week for a little more longevity. He’s not dumb. He knows his song can still break Mariah’s record of most weeks at #1 and he knows he’s probably not getting another hit in his career. This is literally all or nothing for him.
  3. Have the ww trends on twitter been showing up for y’all? They haven’t for me for the past couple days. I had to check on a website and this is what I found: Via getdaytrends.com 1. #Eurovision (2,857,957) 2. Madonna (267,084) is this accurate?
  4. No. But the streams will count towards an RIAA certification. For example, Invasion of Privacy was eligible for a gold certification (500k) upon release because Bodak Yellow shifted 5M certified units (meaning the song was officially certified 5 Xs Platinum) before the album was released.
  5. You kind of described a vertical video. They’re really popular now and help artists with their streaming numbers on Spotify. They’re meant to be super simple and shot vertically so you can watch the whole thing without having to reposition your phone or have black bars showing on your screen.
  6. Capital Records is gonna push the hell out of her. I personally don’t mind. Hopefully she dethrones that god awful Old Town Road song. OT: Does anyone know if we can get Apple Music numbers? I know she’s doing well in Spotify and I’m curious if it’s the same there.
  7. Again. That’s up to you but I know fans gift music on iTunes with the intention of raising BB numbers. When that’s the case it is a waste of money.
  8. Well I guess that’s your prerogative but Billboard said the numbers (single or album) are not reported to Nielsen so they wouldn’t count towards any BB chart. Including digital sales. M gets the money but there’s no way for BB to know about it.
  9. Do not gift the song to anyone. It’s a waste of money because billboard has said that Apple doesn’t report those numbers to Nielsen! @Stephen is it possible to add this to the op since it might be something fans will try to do?
  10. BTS doesn’t have the power to shoot to #1 on the BB Hot 100. They’re not big enough in the US to do that at the moment. What it would do is get her 10s of millions of views within the first 24 hours on YouTube and huge exposure in social media. That’s if they were to do a collab with a music video. I think it’s important to note that they do collaborations with western artists but that doesn’t guarantee that that version will be pushed. They have an Asian market to cater to after all.
  11. She really should! but if it’s true that she’s closing the show then I don’t think we’ll see her until then. (Besides red carpet)
  12. They’re starting to grow in presence in western markets along with BLACKPINK. They just got a #1 album in the UK and the US. It’s mostly fueled by their rabid fanbase.
  13. A massive K-pop group. Their fans are probably gonna generate millions of tweets and tons of links to watch the show.
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