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  1. For the first time ever i’m restraining myself and waiting. Loving reading the reactions from others but I really want to try and get back that feeling of hearing a whole new album in high quality in one go on release day. Surprised i’ve Managed so far. Have to admit I have searched for leaks but couldn’t find anything and i’m glad of that. So looking forward to Friday !!!
  2. I think these are lyrics from the new single. Maybe the song is called Madame X as opposed to the album? That might make more sense. So so excited now!!!!
  3. Hi everyone, i’m a Long time Nation member but I never post ( just enjoy reading ) i think i’ve got at least 2 accounts as I had some technical issues and lost my access to the Pop Divas forum so I created a new account to try and fix it but it didn’t work. For some reason the forum just doesn’t want to let me look at that particular part of the site. Anyway I just wanted to say please don’t lock the forum to new members or duplicate accounts. Not everybody is a troll and it’s best to just ignore those posts that are clearly meant to wind true fans up! To the mods can I also say thank you for the forum? Even those of us who don’t post really appreciate and value the forum and everything you do for us
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