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  1. I love this interview. Truly the smartest pop star. Also she looks stunning in that picture.
  2. This cover is soooo stunning. And one of the best interviews in years. I love that she's acknowledging ageism.
  3. Those are nice numbers for a promo single.
  4. This performance was so fucking epic. I'm still stunned by it. Ladies and gentlemen this is a woman in her 60s still running the game.
  5. I’ve seen so many hate comments on the internet about this. People calling the song a “disappointment” or a desperate attempt to get a hit by featuring Maluma. First off all let’s get ONE thing straight. Madonna needs NO ONE to smash. She is the biggest female artist of all time. Maluma needs Madonna, he is a complete nonfactor outside South America. And he is beyond honored to work with the Queen as evident by the video of him crying over the collab Now as far as the song goes it’s truly a career highlight. Never has Madonna sounded more confident and powerful. The way she skillfully, playfully and seductively vocalizes back and forth with Maluma is perhaps the most euphoric listening experience I’ve had. “But Madonna needs to release electro pop for the gayzz!!” . If you think that you aren’t a real Madonna fan. This is Madonna at her artistic peak. She has always shined the most with experimental and Latino sounds.. la Isla Bonita .. anyone?? You guys have no idea how amazing this song truly is. It’s structure and production is unlike anything currently popular. She could have easily jumped on the urban trend and scored a hit but she took a risk and it will PAY OFF!! I have no doubt that Medellin will be remembered for decades to come. It might not seem that way right now; but trust me Madonna knows what she’s doing. There is a reason why she’s lasted longer than any artist -ever!. She’s in it to win it. She’s playing the long-game. The REVOLUTION is coming.
  6. Okay this screams ICONIC. MJs gloves found burning in hell
  7. I don’t care what it is as long as it’s good LOL. But I’m guessing it will be a dance track. Perhaps something Latino oriented?
  8. Nooooo. This can’t be real. I’m literally screaming. OMG.
  9. I’m hoping for over 1 million. If she does tour bundles the numbers will be even higher. P!nk did that and her album sold like over 2 million so Madonna could easily out-do that.
  10. I need new music ASAP. Queen has been starving me for to long.
  11. That THING is busy trying to appeal to conservative soccer moms now.
  12. Tja haha. Tack för ett varmt välkomnande — Seems like I’m the only one that doesn’t like the song LOL. Perhaps it will grow on me.
  13. This is one of my most played songs on Spotify power of Madge
  14. I don’t like the new Miley track lol. Glad madonna wasn’t featured on it.
  15. I want her to do mature alt-pop and go for acclaim. This anitta collar just isn’t the direction I was hoping she was gonna for. We shall see how it turns out I guess
  16. Can the album come alredy. I’m sick of not having anything to play. Music nowadays is garbage
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