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  1. MistressMadge

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    Also Michael Jackson was very manipulative. He fooled the entire world by pretending to be sweet and innocent. That’s why people/his fans are struggling to understand that he’s a peddo. Everything about him is well planned out. He essentially groomed the entire world. The whole plot about being “young at heart” and loving children - he knew what he was doing. Even his fucking speaking voice was fake. Probably to sound more “child-like” and trustworthy. Fucking scum. “Michael Jackson's high-pitched voice was fake! The real-life Peter Pan had a deep, masculine voice but spoke in a higher pitch outside the house."He wanted to act like a boy," claims Ian. "He felt it was a way for the public to like him more." June adds, "His voice was not high pitched. It was deep - a real man's voice." https://www.nowtolove.co.nz/amp/tech-science/home-entertainment/did-michael-jackson-fake-his-voice-11166 liza Minnelli confirming it was well: https://www.today.com/popculture/what-does-michael-jackson-really-sound-wbna10164492
  2. MistressMadge

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    For the people still skeptical watch this. It’s a body language expert and she basically confirms that wade was telling the truth in 2013 when he first came out with the abuse
  3. MistressMadge

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    The thing about porn is true. The police report states that they found porn with the kids fingerprints and MJs as well.
  4. MistressMadge

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    He manipulated the entire world. Many people have said that his personality was different behind close doors. He put on the persona of being “shy and fragile” in order to trick everyone. This man was extremely disturbed and should indeed be cancelled.
  5. MistressMadge

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    He was obviously a pedophile it’s clear as day. His fans claim that he wanted to make up for his lost childhood and that’s why he befriended all these kids. Well answer me this then. Why did he only groom white young boys. Where were the black boys? Where were the girls? He clearly had a TYPE that he was attracted to. Had it only been for “friendship” gender or color wouldn’t have mattered. Also why did he throw them to the side as they aged up replacing them with younger boys? If it was truly friendship he was after then he wouldn’t have done that. It’s sick that people are even defending him. I don’t recall ever wanting to sleep with another child in the same bed when I was a kid. So again the “making up for his childhood” theory gets debunked. This man/thing was a sick pedophile and he absolutely disgusts me
  6. MistressMadge

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    Can’t wait for this creep to be exposed
  7. MistressMadge

    Paris is burning

    What’s even going on in France. I’m confused.?
  8. MistressMadge

    Eurovision thread

    This show has turned into garbage. Cyprus was robbed last year.
  9. MistressMadge

    Troye Sivan

    He’s not very good looking lol. You guys have shite taste.
  10. MistressMadge

    Your top albums of 2018

    I really liked Rita Ora’s album.