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  1. A very positive thing to come from the madame x era winning and she really is showing madonna respect ..nice of her
  2. loving the crave mixes ..cant wait for god control mixes
  3. almost like holiday was rehearsed but replaced with crave ...crave should be a sit down moment like paradise was on confessions in my opinion not a dance remix that said i have not see the show yet
  4. she should mix the crave remix on tour with holiday ...that is all
  5. i hated take a bow remixes ...i also hated secret remixes but i think the bedtime story remixes are some of her best
  6. i really enjoyed the i rise mixes ...i didnt enjoy any rebel heart album remixes ...
  7. whitney did not even write higher love sooo ...its just a remix too
  8. i know they snubbed madonna but i think her performing god control on the mtv awards would be good ...
  9. I love bitch im loca i expected to hate it but its a bop ....
  10. like american life god control was never meant to be a smash hit ....she is trying ..that is the main thing - couldnt careless if it does not sell im super proud of madonna to even write about such a subject let alone release a video
  11. blocked all the birthday songs fans - it did not belong on mdna ..neither did gmayl
  12. it will always be relevant , share it ..share... a new democracy ...
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