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  1. Love this song! Played it with Crazy following it and both r greeaaaat tracks!
  2. I had a moment this past week and realized what a great piece of work this album is! Such a unique experience it takes me to another world. I fell in love with it.
  3. Biden is boring AF. He has zero chance in defeating Trump He has no appeal whatsoever.
  4. If we have Biden i say bring back Hillary! Both Biden & Sanders don’t stand a chance against the Donald.
  5. Can u imagine if she did? She has been very present lately lol
  6. I’m sorry but Bernie is not winning the election no way no how if he’s the democrat nominee. It’s not happening. Same with Warren. Sadly we r stuck with 4 more years with Trump. Any chance a new candidat might make a run?
  7. It's such a mess the Democratic party! Trump is winning the 2020 elections! I would bet the house atm.
  8. The tearing of his speech was such a boss move! I loved it!
  9. Can i just say i do not like Trump at all but the economy is doing better. He has done some good even though his reteric(is that how u spell it? Lol. English isn’t my first language) is terrible and his views on most subjects are disgusting i don’t buy into this hollywood democratsic thing that he’s the worst thing ever. Is he a pig? Yes. Lol also i am no political guy i follow it casually so i’m not one to speak.
  10. Is it true this will backfire and the angry republican public will steam forward and elect Trump in 2020? Hillary will run
  11. side note where are you all getting good porn sites? I only use pornhub and xtube. What are other good streaming porn sites for these long winter nights?’
  12. This interview was so much fun to watch! I agree that because she is a woman she gets this much hate. It’s a sad fact. I’d vote for her. Though i think it’s becoming too late.
  13. Yup. I have a sneaking suspicion she will run and announce it soon.
  14. And Hillary had dinner with Bloomberg a few days ago. Strange. Wonder what’s up.
  15. I think we need to start making bets on Hillary running again! I think it’s happening. She’s quietly getting into the picture.
  16. I agree it’s all a mess. There are even very strong rumours Hillary will enter when/if Biden drops out!
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