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  1. I meant it wasn’t reported in the US prior to the election i didn’t see it any news. It wasn’t talked about in my perspective it was intentional. I don’t mind as it made the Orange julep not get re-elected!
  2. I’m on the fenceEspecially since it would be so new to this world. I say that but i’m sure i would get it. Lol
  3. As with all vaccines we are going to have the choice to take it right?
  4. With a Vaccine on it’s way Trump was right it was a couple of weeks away and that fact it came out days after the election to me is pretty fishy. All i’m saying i’m obviously not a Trump supporter but i don’t like this shady stuff i swear i don’t believe anything anymore. Or am i reading too much into this? LOL.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHWwCKfJkmf/?igshid=vnwhpmihxx7m this sums it up perfectly what we r all thinking! It’s hilarious watch it!
  6. He will obviously be a 1 term president at his age will Harris be the candidate in 4 years? I know we should live in the moment sorry for jumping the gun already
  7. Will he though? He might run again they r saying and if not his apprentice Donald Trump JR
  8. Oh lord claiming he’s being robbed direct from the White House!
  9. It might be all over today if Biden can get PA! Things r looking good finally In PA they r saying Biden will flip and if it that happens today game over!
  10. To be honest Biden is older and showing more signs of “old age”.
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