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    Gym/Sports(Tennis) animals. 🔭🌔☄️🌎🚀Astronomy. Piano. ART. Love all great music. Musical Theater. All theater. Movies. Dinosaurs. Video games. Closet jock nerd. ❤️Madonna❤️
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  1. I meant it wasn’t reported in the US prior to the election i didn’t see it any news. It wasn’t talked about in my perspective it was intentional. I don’t mind as it made the Orange julep not get re-elected!
  2. I’m on the fenceEspecially since it would be so new to this world. I say that but i’m sure i would get it. Lol
  3. As with all vaccines we are going to have the choice to take it right?
  4. With a Vaccine on it’s way Trump was right it was a couple of weeks away and that fact it came out days after the election to me is pretty fishy. All i’m saying i’m obviously not a Trump supporter but i don’t like this shady stuff i swear i don’t believe anything anymore. Or am i reading too much into this? LOL.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHWwCKfJkmf/?igshid=vnwhpmihxx7m this sums it up perfectly what we r all thinking! It’s hilarious watch it!
  6. He will obviously be a 1 term president at his age will Harris be the candidate in 4 years? I know we should live in the moment sorry for jumping the gun already
  7. Will he though? He might run again they r saying and if not his apprentice Donald Trump JR
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