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    Gym/Sports(Tennis) animals. 🔭🌔☄️🌎🚀Astronomy. Piano. Love all great music. Musical Theater. All theater. Movies. Dinosaurs. Video games. Closet jock nerd. ❤️Madonna❤️
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  1. SheldonCooper

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I guess im the only one that wants Hillary Clinton to run again. My other favorites are Caroline Kennedy and Bloomberg.
  2. SheldonCooper

    2019 Grammy Awards

    Gaga’s ending pose! she looked cray.
  3. Omg Was eating supper when i read this. lol
  4. SheldonCooper

    Donna + Nikki Rain cover

    i bought it i like it. Nice to hear them singing a Madonna song again.
  5. I remember those Steffi/Andre remarks they were terribly classless. Sidenote: Steffi’s career and 22 slams are far more impressive to me. She retired at 29. The last 6-7 years womens tennis has declined with the lack of true champions. Nothing against Serena the depth is better these days but the champions are fewer. The top 10 don’t regularly make the latter rounds like the men do.
  6. SheldonCooper


    Been playing ‘Get Off’ a lot lately. I think it’s a brilliant track. What a sexy voice he had
  7. SheldonCooper

    Michael Bublé - Love (New album)

    I’ve seen Michael live in Toronto. He is so charming!what a voice! Love the new album!
  8. SheldonCooper

    2019 Grammy Awards

    With the lack of real stars emerging these awards shows are becoming irrelevant i guess. Sadly. I loved them growing up.
  9. Hi guys! New on here.  Thanks for having me!🔭🦖🦕👨🏻‍🚀🚀👽