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  1. Apparently the russians are just stirring the pot with the ROL demos leaked a few days ago
  2. This Madonna drought has been driving me crazy. I'm revisiting her catalogue for the gazillionth time just to keep myself entertained while new details aren't unraveled to all of us.
  3. Madonna vinyl sales have been increasing with her colored reissues, especially in the UK. She'll probably do something along those lines for the new album (I certainly hope so).
  4. it would be my dream if she made a song with Marisa Monte. This woman is perfect, she's a goddess.
  5. And I used "its" because I don't consider him to be a human being. What a rotted scum that man is.
  6. Also one of Anitta's friends posted a picture stating that she supported Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's current president, known for its anti human rights policies. Madonna hates him and even endorsed #EleNao , a campaign to publicly boycott his fascist behavior.
  7. This could really look bad for Madonna, especially if the world press discovers Anitta's refusal to acknowledge claims that she has sided with Brazil's fascist president, Jair Bolsonaro (that awful piece of shit)
  8. Anitta is very talented but with each passing day she is distancing herself from those who have always supported her throughout her career. I really hope that Madonna is seeing all that Anitta is doing, but I do not know if she's going to change any plans or take any action. At this moment is not being favorable a song with Anitta
  9. Anitta these last months does not have a good reputation here in Brazil and this can hurt some of Madonna's plans. Even I'm already getting discouraged and sad about the possible realization of this song ... If she could at least make a song with IZA that is an artist as talented as Anitta and infinitely more conscious about social causes.
  10. Are you seeing the comments in Madonna instagram photos? Brazilian fans revolted with Anitta who today tried to "soften" the transphobic comments that a singer called Nego do Borel did in these last days. That was today. She was on stage with him at a concert for a mostly LGBTQ audience .... Brazilian madonna fans are begging to cancel the featuring
  11. It was a great success in Brazil. It was part of a project called chackmate in which she, in a period of four months, released four singles with four videos. The last one was "Vai Malandra". It had an incredible visual impact, all the media vehicles reported because Anitta was already building the international career and still wanted to do a great job with the traditional songs of the Brazilian favelas. The song debuted in the top 20 of global spotify (And this is very rare for a Brazilian artist singing in Portuguese)
  12. I just want to start the year by listening to Madonna's new song. I'm very anxious
  13. if the music has video in the future, it will take a lot of choreography. Anitta dances very well.
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