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  1. In fact she sang an excerpt from the song. But it was a great presentation.
  2. Anitta sang Faz Gostoso at the Multishow Award, the biggest music award in Brazil
  3. Does anyone know if the new album had submissions to the Grammys categories? I hope God Control and Dark Ballet have been submitted in the Video of the Year category. They deserve it. Also the album being nominated in the pop category. Crave and Medellin in the duo or group categories.
  4. Faz Gostoso remains a hit here. See the sticker that accompanies the Brazilian album Bruno Medeiros
  5. A Brazilian fan has petitioned Universal Music to see the public interest and the album will have its deluxe edition with 15 tracks produced and released in Brazil. If the forum is interested in participating and publicizing the petition for Universal to look more closely at Brazilian fans I can send the link
  6. Universal Music (which distributes Madonna's albums here in Brazil) is doing a very bad job on Madame X. The album has a more than exclusive print run in Brazil with release expected next Friday of only 2,000 copies. super deluxe edition with two CDs). In addition to the reduced number of copies, the fan needs to pay the amount of 122.90 reais ($ 32) if he wants to purchase a copy. Those who want the 13 or 15 track version need to resort to importing. Madonna's fan base here in Brazil is huge and it's no wonder all of her shows here sell out fast. Madonna is the best-selling international artist in our country and, to give you an idea, the Rebel Heart album sold over 30,000 copies here in 24 hours, thus securing the Golden album. Thus, it is difficult to understand why the disc did not have its traditional release here.
  7. In the next update of the song "Faz Gostoso" should reach 12 million streams on Spotify. Madonna has a potential hit. Just she, the team and Anitta get organized for this. A music video would bring much more visibility. I even predict daily stream streams on day one
  8. I hope it happens the video of Faz Gostoso. This song is a sucess and it's not even a single. I think with the single's announcement and announcement it's going to be a hit. Madonna can not miss this chance.
  9. Here in Brazil we can not hear. What did she say about the songs?
  10. I've been saying this for the longest time. Sometimes it seems like some people have a hard time understanding that M is getting older but that doesn't stop her from delivering killer performance every time. As the time goes by, I've learned to appreciate her more and more in a human level, even in the tiny flaws she might showcase in her performance. I mean, we're so lucky she continues to be such a visionary and an example of an artist who continues to say her truth.
  11. Faz Gostoso is being promoted a lot here in Brazil. Included in the biggest playlists here
  12. what revisions should still go into the metacritic?
  13. Many prejudiced discourses of the past disguised as professional opinions today are not tolerable. Homophobia, racism, xenophobia. Nowadays we still see "professional opinions" full of sexism like that. Time goes by, time will pass and they will be very ashamed to have written this sort of thing. It's a shame ... Observing these situations I realize that the Madonna along with her creativity and her work will only really be recognized by the media when she is no longer with us.
  14. http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=316829&title=MADONNA%2C-BRUCE-HEADED-FOR-TOP-DEBUTS look this
  15. Is not Madonna sponsoring something from Pitchfork? They have a moral obligation to give a very good rating to her. I very much hope that Madame X is between 75 and 80
  16. Are they good reviews? or should her score drop even more?
  17. what are the scores that should still enter the metacritic?
  18. Frankly ... Now a legion of Latino fans should be punished because ONE PERSON made that leak?
  19. To whom should we report the links that appear on twitter?
  20. God Control is even better than Dark Ballet? MY GOD I AM NOT PREPARED FOR MADAME X About Future: I thought the same thing! The Dark Ballet frames appear on the Eurovision screen before she sings Future
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